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In the email advertising the upcoming sales it shows the Moto Z Play will be on sale for $299, or $150 off. However, in the linked post with more sale info the sale price of that phone shows as $399, or $50 off. That’s a significant difference and I was wondering if anyone knows which will be the actual sale price. Since the email was sent out with a lower price I feel that the company should honor that price. I’ve attached screenshots showing each advertised price. If this is not a good place to ask this question I apologize but the only company contact info I could find was support related to phones/plans and this did not seem to fit that.

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Whoops. Someone messed up.

Hi @dallasj.en73zn

I see the same thing. Nice catch!.

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Hi @dallasj.en73zn,

Sometimes in advertising there are mistakes and the advertisers have to reserve the right to correct those mistakes. This is one of those times.

Despite several layers of verification, the incorrect information was sent in the initial batch of E-mails. It has been corrected for the blog and for subsequent batches of E-mails, and I believe we will be sending a follow-up E-mail to those who received the incorrect information, explaining that the mistake was made.

It wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t a trick. It was an honest mistake and we’re working to get the corrections out before the sale date actually begins. I’m very sorry for the disappointment it may bring you, as I do understand the incorrect price would be a fabulous deal.

Fair enough. Thank you for your reply!

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