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There was a similar question, but it seems to have been taken down, so I’m asking again.

Can I assign a new phone number to my current phone, and keep the SIM card I have or do I need to order a new SIM card?

Context if you care:

Because of all this stuff going on with Republic not approving new phones, I’m in a sticky spot. I bought 3 months worth of coverage for my daughter on another carrier that has to be activated soon. I was planning on giving her my Pixel 3a, setting her up on the other carrier and upgrading my phone to the newer 5a. I should have checked if RW had approved the 5a, but I just assumed they would. I fully acknowledge my stupidity and I’m trying to work out a solution.

My possible solution: I was thinking of switching my number to the new carrier with the new phone (which is useable there) and I thought of giving the older phone to my daughter to use on RW until all this nonsense about approved phones is sorted out. It’ll be easy for me to keep my number and switch to the new carrier. But I wonder if I can use my current Republic Wireless SIM card and assign it a new phone number. Or is it a lost cause and I need to buy a new SIM card kit?


Hi @kirstenj.3crahq,

You won’t need a new SIM. That said, to be certain we don’t overlook anything, please tell us whether you’re currently paying for Republic service annually or monthly?

I’m doing a monthly pay plan. I keep forgetting to set up the annual. Will I need to wait until the end of a billing cycle to switch things over?

Hi @kirstenj.3crahq,

You don’t need to wait until the end of your billing cycle. I think @rolandh just wanted to be extra certain all precautions were taken if you were on the annual plan since it’s non-refundable.

Let me just make sure I’ve followed along correctly:

You’re going to activate the Pixel 5a on another carrier and transfer your number to that carrier.
Then you’re going to give the Pixel 3a to your daughter and keep it on RW.

If I have that right, I can simply make a quick edit on your account that prevents your service line from being canceled when your number ports out.

This means that your current number would move to your 5a on your provider and your 3a would stay active, but with a new number. No reactivating to worry about, no new SIM card to get. I would suggest you factory reset the 3a before handing it to your daughter so your personal information isn’t in her hands, but doing so wouldn’t affect the phone number or activation. You’d need to set up her Google account on the phone then re-install the Republic app to keep everything working correctly.

The only thing is, I want to you come back and tell me when you’ve completed the number transfer and you see the new number on the Pixel 3a. That way I can disable the option that assigns a new number and keeps the service line active. Sometime in the future, you may want to port that number out, and we’d want the line to cancel as expected then, so you don’t get an unwelcome surprise on your next billing date when a phone you expected to cancel ends up being billed for another month.

Let me know if you want me to make that edit to keep your 3a active as you transfer the number away.


Hi @kirstenj.3crahq,

I just wanted to be sure you realize I’m waiting to hear back from you - I didn’t take any action on your service line yet, so if you were to port your number away without letting me know first, the Pixel 3a will be deactivated.

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I haven’t had time today to work on getting the phones switched.

Thank you for helping me out! This sounds like ther perfect solution!

Is there anything special I need to do once I have moved my number over to the new phone (and carrier)? I will definitely do a factory reset and set it up with my daughter’s gmail. I’m not sure when I’ll have time to get everything moved around. It may be a few days before I can do anything. Will that mess things up on your end?

Just make sure the Pixel 3a is showing a new number in the Republic app, and then let me know when everything is done.

No. I’ve just made the change on your service line, and you can transfer your number when it’s convenient. Just remember that as long as this special “get a new number” function is enabled, the phone will not automatically cancel when the number is transferred out.

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Hi southpaw,

It took me forever, but I did it. Switched the old number over and got a new number for my Pixel 3a. Thanks again for your help! I hope to be able to switch my new Pixel back over to you guys soon!

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Thanks for following up to let me know, @kirstenj.3crahq I restored the automation to your service line so that if you transfer the number away in the future, it will cancel as intended.

I hope you’ll let Community know when you bring that new Pixel and come back to Republic!

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