Samsung A20 Not a happy camper

It just might be time to go back to Verizon. Bought an A20 from Republic and what a piece of junk. Maybe the phone is OK but the Republic platform sucks.

!. Voicemail—says I have voicemail and when going into voicemail (not to mention you have to enter your pass code VERY slowly for it to accept it) it just says set up your greeting. So I have set up my greeting 6+ times and it just keeps saying set up your greeting so…you can never get to voicemail.
2. Coverage sucks–Republic said it might be the SIM card type so I tried both and they both ■■■■ and calls lag and sometimes calls don’t go through or come in–I DO NOT live in the country–I live in the Capitol of Michigan so you would think the coverage would be at least OK.
3. Sometimes texts don’t go through or come in–need I say more.
4. Won;t connect to the same WiFi automatically. YES, I have set the setting correctly but it still doesn’t (some times) connect to my home WiFi when I arrive home so I have to connect manually 99% of the time
5. Verizon and an Iphone was flawless–just tried to save some money but I guess you always pay for what you get

Hi @amyl.jgb9mt,

I’m sorry to see that you’ve not been happy with your Samsung A20 and our service. It looks like you’ve been working with our Help team on at least some of these matters. Did you want our Community to try to help you troubleshoot further, or did you intend for your post to simply serve as a notice to others that your coverage and experience in Lansing does not meet your expectations and is not comparable to your experience with an iPhone on Verizon?

Its just sad how its so hard to get help figuring out a new phone bought from Republic that should work correctly.

That is Lansing, and according to Root Metrics, that whole area is well rated and Strong signal for all the carriers. Tmobile and Sprint included the 2 network partners that RW can use.

Can u post the exact zip code you are having the cell coverage issues in?

And there are multiple ways to get help with RW and it appears that you are on the right track, posting here or already connecting with their Help team.

  1. Now the issue is, we finally were able to set up voicemail (by rebooting the phone totally) but now retrieving it doesn’t work. When you hold the 1 and it goes to the commands, it doesn’t give the option to select to hear new voicemail. It just keeps saying to set up your password…blah blah blah. It is already set up because I will call it from another phone and the voicemail is there.

I do not have a Samsung Phone, but for me on my Pixel 3, and my mother Moto E4, Voicemails show up in the phone app and u can play them there.
This is called “Visual Voicemail” feature.
There is no need to dial 1 to call into VM anymore.
Perhaps that mid range phone model does not support this feature?

Eaton Rapids, MI 48827, USA

Root Metrics map under Tmobile does show some test points to be bad call performance.
Sprint shows mostly fair, but far less test points.

I will just try Total Wireless for awhile I guess.

Hope Republic doesn’t have any issues porting the number or I will be irate. I have heard horror stories about this happening.

DTMF (touch) tones can indeed be a sore spot with WiFi calling. Pausing for a second to a second and a half between digits usually helps. The other thing that usually helps is dialing into voicemail when on cell rather than WiFi. I appreciate it’s not a particularly elegant solution but turning WiFi off on the phone prior to calling voicemail is an option. I also appreciate that’s complicated by the cellular coverage issues you raise in bullet point 2.

As mentioned by @SpeedingCheetah, listening to voicemail on the phone (a/k/a visual voicemail is an option. Unfortunately, I can’t call Samsung’s implementation of that elegant either. This is a function of the phone not something Republic controls. For what it’s worth, more on using visual voicemail is linked here:

Alternate ways to check voicemail.

Candidly, this one may not be solvable. Had I been advising you before making the switch, I would have suggested you consider not doing so. Neither of Republic’s cellular partners (T-Mobile or Sprint) have particularly robust coverage in and around Lansing. When I look at the network partner’s respective coverage maps, I see lots of fair signal strength coverage. It’s my experience that usually doesn’t work out so well. I understand Lansing isn’t a remote area, however, the network partner’s coverage in any given area is what it is. Unlike Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, Republic doesn’t own or operate its own cellular network.

This is likely related to the coverage issue.

As no one here has access to what you’ve worked on with staff through your tickets, it would help us better help you if we knew what troubleshooting if any has been done on this? This presumes the less than robust cellular coverage isn’t a deal breaker.

It’s likely Verizon coverage on the A20 would be just as good as Verizon coverage on the iPhone. Generally, coverage is a function of the network rather than a particular phone. The reality is neither of Republic’s network partners have great coverage in and around Lansing. Of the two, CDMA (Sprint) looks better than GSM (T-Mobile). Do you know which SIM is currently being used? Here’s how to tell:

More often than not, these are the result of the other provider’s lack of experience porting landline (wireline) numbers. Yes, Republic numbers are landlines. More on that here:

You’ll want to be certain Total Wireless understands the nature of Republic numbers and prepare for the expectation it will take days not hours for the port to complete.

Thank you all for your responses. This is my wife’s phone an she has had it and she is pretty patient but even I try the phone and try to fix ■■■■ and try to help her but the phone and service here for republic is terrible. I have to try something better for her. Me personally, would rather have a flip phone with no data or test.

The RW coverage map, show all Strong signal for both partners when input Lansing…i dont see anything lower than that for miles…i guess it is not accurate?

Hi Amy’s Husband,

You’re most welcome! Candidly, as much as I hate seeing Republic lose a customer, I think this is a case where Republic isn’t going to be the right fit.

It’s sufficiently accurate. If you move the drop pin around and/or zoom in, you’ll see plenty of fair signal strength. One simply can’t settle for the 30,000 foot overview but that’s true of any coverage map I’ve used.

Ive done that…to street level zoomed in, looked over about for many miles, from ones side of the state to the other…all solid dark green strong.

Is this the correct map:

Yes, it’s the correct map. When using Republic’s map, I don’t focus on color shades. As I move the drop PIN around on the map, I simply look at the box:

The OP’s question pertained to a specific zip. If wanting to discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of Republic’s map generally, I suggest a separate topic.

I see…however, as i said, when i click around like that same area, for GSM, it says Strong everywhere…

I did find on CDMA some fair spots.

Based on this, GSM should be fine for this person. The area is well covered. More so than some areas I am in locally and coverage is fine even indoors.

Without the exact address person is having issues at, which is not something that should be publicly posted, us here can only go off the general area by zip code. and thus, the maps says they should be fine coverage wise, hence why I am confused as to why u are telling them that RW is not a good fit that both carrier partners do not have good coverage, cause at least one does and the other appears to be only slightly worse via the information given.

The PIN dropped in the screenshot is both within the zip code and on Republic’s GSM map. And, it’s not the only one in the area. Unfortunately, in this case, neither of Republic’s partners offer particularly robust coverage in and around Lansing, which is easily confirmed by looking at the network partner’s maps themselves. I’m done making the case.

Thanks everybody. It probably is just the phone so maybe we will try a better phone. I do know the A20 is a new release to America so maybe they work great in China but not here. :slight_smile:

Hi @amyl.jgb9mt,

I have an A20 in the household. It’s a fine mid range phone. As much as I’d like to suggest otherwise, everything I’m seeing suggests a coverage not a phone issue. There is no reason to believe the coverage experience with Republic would be substantially different with another compatible phone.

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