Samsung a50 - android 10 update?

I purchased my phone (Samsung A50) from republic wireless. I am wondering when we will finally recieve the android 10 update?
I have been waiting patiently but it seems Pixel users on RW have had it for like 5 months!
Many countries such as Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, India ETc have ALL already recieved the update so whats the deal???

And yes this phone has had issues, Im not very happy with my purchase. Issues such as the fingerprint sensor not working, the only way to get it to work is to lick your finger first! Real good during a Global Pandemic! You got thousands if not millions of people (supposedly this is one of Samsung best sellers smh) that have to lick their finger while in public or at the store to open the phone for google/samsung pay or just to use the phone, unless ofc if they have disabled this worthless hardware feature. Thanks Samsung & RW for helping to spread the virus. I dont really blame RW too much for that since they are just the reseller but I do believe my phone should be replaced with a model that works! $350 is a lot of money for a defective model phone!

I would have exchanged it within the first 30 days but I mistakenly believed it could be fixed by software updates, I no longer believe that is the case, the in screen FPS is horrible & this model should have never been released to the market. Did Samsung even test this phone before finalizing it. My Samsung Galaxy S5 I had b4 this one had a flawless FPS. It works 100% of the time!

Other issues such as every time I leave the house and try to make a phone call my phone rejects the call & says “cell configuration required”. I have to update my PRL, then update my profile, then restart my phone before I can place a call. 5+ minutes later I can place a call, ■■■ forbid Im out and have to make an emergency phone call.
This Samsung A50 is a disaster!

Anyway back to my question, I am hoping that ANDROID 10 will make this *** phone a little better if not fix some of the issues associated with it since I usually keep my phones for a few years and will be stuck with it.

Any news on the release of Android 10 for Samsung A505U1?

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Welcome to our Member Community. I’m sorry to see your first post here is due to dissatisfaction with your phone.

The release of Android updates comes from the phone manufacturer. Republic Wireless does not play a role in Android updates. Here’s a little more detail on that matter: Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process

Our 14-day Money Back Guarantee is one option when a member is not satisfied with his phone, but please note that all of the phones in our online store come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the manufacturer. If the phone has a warrantable defect, please do not hesitate to contact Samsung before that one-year warranty ends.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d like to ask you to work with our Help Team about the “Cellular Configuration Required” error you see when trying to place a call by opening a help ticket.


Here is where you might look to see what Samsung is saying

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Like all other phones on Republic the Pixel gets the update directly from the manufacturer. Google releases the updates for the Pixel the day they become available. In general other manufactuer’s are considered “fast” if they get the update out to their flagships within 3 months of release, but 6 months or more is quite average (for flagships).

Mid-range phones like the Samsung A-Series may never receive major Android updates. That said, as there were rumors of the A50 in Vietnam receiving an update to Android 10 in late February, it is likely that it will come eventually. Unfortunately, like everything else, Covid-19 has thrown many plans in to delays as companies have shifted to remote work and are having to realign processes and teams to make that work.


Thanks guys for the quick responses. Yeah I figured the updates were pushed directly from Samsung but I wasnt sure if maybe RW had some testing and or minor changes they might want to perform to make the update more compatible with their ecosystem. Im sure it will be coming soon. I know that the flagship phones get updates first but I also read that the A series should get 2 years worth of major updates but whether Samsung follows through with the full 2 years I guess is up to them…

When I get some more time in the next day or two I will open a ticket about the constant need to update to make outgoing calls.

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