Samsung A50 Compatibility with Republic

My daughter is looking to get a new phone, her Moto X Pure is having problems holding a charge. She came across a Samsung A50 that is about $100 cheaper than Republic, the description is listed as A50 A505G 64 gb Duos GSM Unlocked phone. The A505G I am assuming is the model and is not listed as a compatible phone according to Republic’s site. Am I correct in that? Not sure why this unlocked phone would not be compatible. It is also the only A50 they have on their website. They don’t have other models listed.

Hi @kevins.k2y5wk
It does not appear that is a model that will work with Republic.

According to this article the model number must end with U1:
How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

Samsung Galaxy A10e / A20 / A50

It appears that although the Republic’s current documentation indicating models that end in “XAG” are the compatible model, the traditional factory unlocked model indicator “XAA” will also work. Note, that in either case, on the phones themselves, the model MUST end with “U1”.

Because the Duos model is not meant for sale in the US. It doesn’t come with a US warranty because of that and also isn’t compatible with Republic because of that.

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