Samsung a50 not working after android update 6/30/21

I recently had an Android update (6/30) and now I can’t send texts or make phone calls. When someone texts me, it keeps sending me the same text over and over. Republic service keeps going on and off. What can I do?


Hi @jennifers.lyg4dg,

Are you getting a message about the Republic SIM on your phone? If so, removing then reseating the SIM may help. Once the SIM is reseated, I also suggest:

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I tried that, but it didn’t work

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To be certain we’re understanding correctly, you tried, reseating the SIM, refreshing the activation or both?

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I am having the same problem with my A51 phone. Tried resetting viop and reseating sim card


Just did the update on my wife’s A50 and am having the same problem. Did the update on my S9 without any problems. Please fix this RW.

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Hi @danialj.rhhbmx and @bob7794,

What happens when you attempt to make a call. Is there an error message? If so, would you be able to share a screenshot?

Folks experiencing this might also try a network settings reset:

System updates come from the manufacturer not Republic, therefore, this isn’t something Republic can simply issue a fix for. Are you willing to try the network settings reset?

Tried network reset and reseating sim card several times

Hi @danialj.rhhbmx,

Thank you for the screenshots! If you open the Republic app rather than the Phone app, do you see a “My Data” page or something else?

Hi @danialj.rhhbmx,

I hope you don’t mind some additional questions. Please try the following:

Open Settings
Scroll to, then tap About phone
What is said for Model number?

Tap Software information
What is said for Build number?

Hi @jennifers.lyg4dg, @danialj.rhhbmx and @bob7794,

Would you be kind enough to share which SIM type your Republic phone is provisioned with, please? Here’s how to tell:

If the Republic app is uncooperative, please remove and examine your SIMs. Is the “public” part of the word Republic green? Or, is the entire word Republic all gray or all black?

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Hi @rolandh,

There’s no need for @jennifers.lyg4dg, @danialj.rhhbmx, and @bob7794 to check on this detail. I can confirm the reports of this issue so far are coming from those whose phones are provisioned with a CDMA SIM card.

We’ve also seen some replies from some members that the issue was resolved by resetting the network settings, as described here: How to Reset Cellular Settings on Samsung Galaxy Phones with CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

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What does it do and how do I do it?

Hi @bob7794,

Resetting your phone’s cellular settings refreshes its’ connection to the cellular network. Nothing on your phone will be erased or otherwise harmed. The instructions are here:


I did both

Hi @jennifers.lyg4dg and @bob7794,

Events have made some of the questions I asked earlier outdated. Have you tried this:

Others are reporting it has solved the issue for them.

I tried that. No change. It keeps telling me to put in a SIM card in, I’ve put the SIM card in 3 times and it’s not responding.

If resetting cellular settings isn’t solving the issue, I suggest you open a ticket.

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