Samsung a50 not working after android update 6/30/21

Hi @jasonr.yk8su8,

I’ll be in touch by personal message here in Community to send you instructions to install a patched version of the Republic App we believe will work around the issue introduced in the Android update.

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I just updated my A10 to Android 11 this morning, and I’m having the exact issue described here. I’ve tried everything short of the Factory Reset, because of the inconvenience and that it often doesn’t work for people. Are there any improvements to the solutions for this issue?

Hi @mdb,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please don’t factory reset your phone.

The solution discussed in this topic is specific to the Samsung A50. I’ll be glad to work with you by DM (and with our App team) to get a solution in place for the A10e.


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