Samsung A50 won't power on without charger attached

Heats up and turns off suddenly if I hit the power button. I have replaced the battery, wiped the data and installed lastest Android system. I took it to a service here in town. He had to salter a new wire to the motherboard but it still will not turn back on unless it is plugged in. He told me I need a new phone. It is 2019 so farily new.
What phone do you have? Samsung A50

What plan are you on? My choice + 1 gig

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 gig of data

Hi @jimr.jdl9mh and welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid, based on your description, either the replacement battery is defective, the repair was done improperly or there’s other defects in the phones’s charging circuitry. I’d agree with the service technician that’s it’s time for a new phone.

Okay. How do I check to see if I bought a service plan with it? I don’t remember. It is only a 2019. Thank you for your reply~!

Hi @jimr.jdl9mh,

I’m afraid we can’t help with that directly. Republic doesn’t sell phone repair plans, so if you bought one it would have been from the manufacturer or a third party. The manufacturer’s warranty against defects would have been for one year.

Thank you again. Sigh~

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Some folks have found in the past that either their home owners ins or their credit card extended the warranty, might be worth a check

The work described in the first post would have voided any manufacturer’s warranty, even if the credit card extension were available.

Ah yes, 'Sometimes I forget, that I can’t remember everything" :blush:

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