Samsung A51 cannot access voicemails after update this morning

After updating to App Version this morning, I am getting voicemails, but I no longer have a little recorder icon to access voicemails. All calls with a voicemail show the missed call with the phone number and they show the voicemail icon…but still with the caller’s phone number. How do I check my voicemails now with this new update? Thanks in advance. I appreciate your time…Cindy

Hi @cindyp,

If you tap that line item, do you see a circled letter “i”, like on the lower right, here:

Once I tap that “i”, I see this:


On that screen, if I tap the voicemail icon on the right, I see the voicemail player and can tap the play button.


If you’re not seeing the same things, please let us know exactly what steps you’re taking, and where you’re seeing something different.

Okay, yes. I was able to get that far with it…and I listened to a voicemail. However, when I went back to listen to it again and write down the information that I needed, I cannot get back to the voicemail. I can only get as far as the “Recent Calls” list that shows the call and the two voicemail icons - one on each side - but when I press it to get to the next ‘screen’ (that looks like the last pic above), it goes nowhere. Any ideas? On that one, even when I just press and hold the ‘1’ key to go to voicemail that way, this voicemail is not there. Before the update, if I deleted an email then it no longer showed as a voicemail with the little icon…it would disappear. I do not believe I deleted this email, nor did I save it. I try to leave them as ‘new’ so they are right there when I call again. I appreciate your help.

Hi @cindyp,

I was hoping someone with a Samsung A51 would chime in. I don’t have one, and the most similar phone I do have is not demonstrating the same behavior you’re describing.

What happens if you try to save the voicemail file as described here:

It isn’t that I am trying to save the voicemail or delete the voicemail. Prior to the update, if I listened to the voicemail and did nothing with it - didn’t save and didn’t delete - I would simply hang up, then when I called voicemail again…there it would be, ready to be played as a new voicemail. I could also just click on the icon on my phone - whether it would be one time or multiple times - and it would play the VM each time I clicked play. Now, when I have played the VM once, I am unable to play it again and I don’t even know where it goes. Does that make more sense?

Yes, and I understood; you had explained it very well earlier.
In the absence of another A51 user chiming in to indicate whether they are experiencing the same issue, I was trying to better understand why this is happening. By asking if you can download the voicemail message, I was hoping to determine whether the message is still saved in the phone’s voicemail folder, or if it has been deleted.

Gotcha…and, unfortunately, I do not use Google Drive or Gmail for this phone. I use Anywhere for messaging and whatever the Republic phone stuff is for the phone. How do I use either of those other two apps? I know that “training” me how to use those apps is outside of the RW umbrella, but I will need to know how to use them to go through the steps on How to Save a Voicemail Message. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

It would seem that you have a Google account on the phone so that you can do Republic Wireless app updates and install apps (such as Republic Anywhere.)

Since the Google account exists on the phone, it’s just a matter of following the steps in the article. It goes through the process tap by tap. I’m not sure what more I would be able to tell you besides what is there.

If you want to give either one a try - Drive or Gmail and follow the steps in the Help Article, perhaps you can let us know when you hit an obstacle or have a question?

Hi @cindyp,

I’ve just heard from my daughter who also uses the Samsung A51, and she is able to listen to an old, saved, voicemail following the steps in my pictures above. So, I don’t think an update did anything to change the behavior of the Phone app with regards to RW voicemail.

She did mention that you really do have to tap very precisely.

You might try re-syncing the phone with our servers with these steps: Refresh the Republic activation. Sometimes that can clear up voicemail glitches.

Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately, if I didn’t save it and if I didn’t delete it, it must’ve gone to oblivion. In the past, when I would just close out of listening to one (square button at the bottom, back arrow, screen power button thing on the side of the phone) then the VM would be saved as ‘New’. I could go in as often as I wanted and listen to it. Then, if I got another VM, I could go in and it would say I have two new messages. I am not sure what happened, but sometimes - even though we REALLY don’t like what they consider to be an upgrade - we just have to learn to live with it.

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