Samsung A51 does not show daily usage graph on data usage

Samsung A51 not showing daily usage graph on data

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Please open the Republic Wireless app on your phone. It should open the the screen titled “My Data”.
Touch the box that contains the text “XX MB cell data used” where XX are actually numbers.
Touch “App data usage”
Do you see the app data usage screen and does it show usage?

I have a 2020 Moto Power with 1GB data.

The RW app used to show, after tapping “xx MB cell data used”, a bar chart with the data usage for each day of the current billing cycle. Below the bar chart was a listing of all the apps that used data in the billing cycle. By tapping any of the apps, the data usage for that app would appear on each of the days in the bar chart. I was a very handy feature to have. I believe that, with the latest RW app update, this bar chart has disappeared.

Hi @henry51,

You are correct, the behavior of Republic’s mobile app has changed for phones running newer versions of Android (Android 10 and later). In newer versions of Android, Google has changed the permissions available to apps in terms of reading what other apps do. In this case, Google (Android is Google’s operating system) has restricted the Republic app’s ability to see how much data other apps have used. In Google’s opinion, this is more secure. On Android 10 and later, Republic’s app now directs to the information in Android settings). Google does not restrict itself from seeing how much data other apps have used.

One irony here is that in in being more restrictive in terms of what apps are allowed to do on Android in the name of security, Android becomes more like Apple’s iOS, which has long been criticized by some for being a “walled garden”. I’m not saying Android is currently as restrictive about certain things as iOS but that does seem to be the direction Google is headed in with Android, for better or worse.


Thank you for the explanation, rolanh. Like I said, it was a handy feature to have, but not having it any longer in the name of extra security, I won’t miss it as much.

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