Samsung A51 Early Adopter Feedback Request

Hi @heril,

As our one and only Samsung A51 early adopter, we’d love to know what you think! You’ve been mighty quiet, and I hope that’s a good sign!

  1. How did activation go? Any problems?
  2. Are calling and texting working as intended on both WiFi and cell?
  3. How is the phone performing? How does it compare to your previous phone (and what were you using before?)
  4. What do you think of the cameras?
  5. Have you tried any Bluetooth connectivity? Calls over Bluetooth in the car? How does everything sound?
  6. Have you tried the fingerprint reader? Is it consistent?
  7. Any other thoughts you might want to share?
  8. Having tried it, would you want to keep using this phone?

It has been going quite smoothly, no problems.

  1. Activation was no problem and about as easy as it could be.
  2. Haven’t been away from WiFi much and mostly use Google voice for calling, so for now I can only speak to that. On both wifi and cellular data it has been clear with no hiccups. I’ll try some calling directly from Republic on cellular this week.
  3. My previous two phones were the Moto E4 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. Compared to both the device is working very well, it’s a better experience for me that both.
  4. The cameras have been great. Taken lots of pictures and some video and it has been much better than any of my prior devices.
  5. The device came with Galaxy Buds and that has been working well, as well as my other Bluetooth headset. Taking, music and voice are all clear and seamless. Having an older car I have a Bluetooth addon, but I haven’t been able to try it out much.
  6. Both my prior two devices also had fingerprint readers. Compared to this, it has been more consistent, which is consistent overall.
  7. I’ve had no concerns or other thoughts other than it is a great phone. Having some experience with low and high range phones, it is a great mid range option.
  8. With my other comments, I very much like and wish to continue using this device.
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