Samsung DeX Experiences

I recently upgraded to a new S20 FE and boy is it nice. One of the features that I’m itching to dig into is DeX, I’ve been looking into getting a dock and a new keyboard and mouse to use with it to give it a go. (maybe a kvm switch?)

Anyone have some good experience with DeX? What did you like/ don’t like about it?
Any app suggestions?

I would love to hear from other members of the community about their experience with this.

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I’ve used Dex a number of times. One time for a full week while my laptop was down for repairs. It was great for that situation.

Here’s the issue I have though. It isn’t very often where I have a monitor and keyboard but not a computer and if I have a computer, why use the phone in DeX mode instead?

Well for my job I can use Office apps such as Teams and Word on my personal phone but not on my personal pc. Outside of that I could see myself using it for a few games but not much else.

There are not many good software dev apps for android (that I know about?). So it would mostly be office use for work.

I think on Friday I’ll buy this base and report on my DeX experience for work and casual use later.

I don’t know if it is still true, but on earlier generation phones the device has to specifically be able to activate Dex. I think that you can just turn it on now, but just wanted to mention it, in case.

There is a little toggle in the quick toggles but other than that I think DeX enables with any sort of hdmi connection now…

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So I got a chance to give DeX a try with a mouse and keyboard and it’s really nice for those work apps that I can’t use on my personal machine. I can have multiple apps open at once on the one screen and everything is smooth and easy to use. It makes me wonder if Microsoft polished their apps for DeX. (Samsung advertises them as DeX friendly.).

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