Samsung Edge 7 issue

I have been using my phone without any problems this past week. Today, I am traveling and made a few calls but the other side can not hear me (volume is up, mute is off, I tried speaker, checked updates). Tried to call voicemail and it couldn’t process my pin. What do I need to do to correct this? Thanks.

Hi @jeffreyf,

I’m sorry to see your question has gone unanswered for a few days. Are you still traveling? Were these issues you described happening on Wi-Fi or cell? They sound like symptoms of a Wi-Fi network that has some restrictions on it.

It was the wifi in the airport. Could hear anything or use use the button for getting extensions. Had to switch to service. Why is that?


It’s likely that the wifi at the airport was simply blocking ports needed for calling, this is fairly common for public wifi such as what you’re find at the airport.

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