Samsung Gal 10E

I see the Samsung Gal 10 E is not listed as an option under bring your own phone.
Why wouldn’t this model work if you get the Republic SIM card kit?

Because it is not authorized or compatible to be used on RW. As of yet.
It may be so in the future, if there is a North American Factory Unlocked version.
But until then, it will not work on RW.
Keep an eye on the Announcements section of the forums, that is where RW posts when new phones are added to their BYOP list.

Hi @elizabethb.62eyma and welcome to the Community!

I’m not aware of a “Samsung Gal 10 E”. I am aware of a Samsung Galaxy A10e and a Samsung Galaxy S10e. There are variants of both the A10e and the S10e among Republic’s list of compatible phones. You may also verify compatible variants for both the A10e and S10e here: Compatible Phones with Republic Wireless Service – Republic Wireless.

Is this a phone you already own? Or, one you are looking to purchase?

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thanks for the link. Which shows w the sim card it is compatible

Hi @elizabethb.62eyma,

Yes, there are indeed Republic compatible variants of Samsung’s Galaxy S10e. Please do be certain to note the specific compatible models mentioned there. Not all variants of Samsung’s Galaxy S10e are Republic compatible.

Specifically carrier branded or international variants will not work with Republic. If shopping, this may be of interest: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

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