Samsung Galaxy A32 5g

Has anyone had experience with this phone?

For the price, it seems like a good phone. One of the features that critics point out is the poorer display. It has a lower resolution (720x1600 269PPI) compared to others in the price range along with a LCD display as opposed to an OLED or AMOLED display.

Hi @davidl.h5w1hp,

I do not have experience with this specific Samsung model.

Generally, my experience with Samsung phones is Samsung LCD displays are reasonably good. OLED is usually reserved for high end phones. OLED displays are very nice but one must be willing to accept the higher price tag.

If you’re thinking about purchasing any phone at Republic’s online store, please be aware none may currently be activated with an existing Republic number:

If your current phone is in need of replacement sooner rather than later, it may be possible to source a phone from a third party retailer that would work with your current plan and number.

I don’t have any experience with the phone but it is what I ordered from the provider we are switching to. I am confident the screen will be adequate for our use. My take on what makes or does not make a poor display is how you plan to use it. In our case we won’t be streaming movies or watching other content on the display where resolution makes much of a difference. We will be taking photos but other than quick checks to see if they are worth keeping I do all of my photo processing on a PC where there are better tools and displays available. With these things in mind I could not see a reason to pay significantly more for an OLED screen that provides no value add for our type of phone use. So whether the phone will meet your needs boils down to what your needs and expectations are.