Samsung Galaxy A50 comparison to Galaxy S8

I know the Samsung Galaxy A50 just arrived here on Republic. Could anyone give me the specifications to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is my current phone, so I could compare the two phones? Thank you

Try this –

Hope this helps.


If you’re looking for an upgrade I would say that the A50 is a sideways step from the S8, at best. You’re comparing a 2 generation old flagship to a current mid-range phone, so even though it is 2 years newer, it really isn’t better.


You do have a good point. I was looking at the A50 as an option to paying the price for the Galaxy S10/S10+ or the next Galaxy S iteration. I have been reading pretty good reviews about the A50 so I wanted to see in a sided by side listing of what is the same, better or worse. Thank you for your input.

Thank you for that. I noticed they had removed the S8 from the store before I could do a comparison. It is more research into if I want to pay for the latest Galaxy S phones, purchase the A50, or hang onto my phone for a longer period of time. Thank you for your help.

The S10/S10+ are very different phones. The A50 is no doubt a strong value for its price, but is targeted at a different market than the S10. Things like no wireless charging, a screen pixel density about 30% lower than the S series, a polycarbonate (plastic) body, etc make it a mid-range entry.

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I realize that. My questions to you are what is your current daily use phone and, in your opinion, is the S10+ worth the price it costs to purchase?

I live on my phone. I’m in my car a lot, use my phone sometimes literally all day long, so my needs may be very different than yours. I’m personally not a big fan of Samsung phones (I carried the S8 for a while), so I personally would go with the Pixel 3a or 3aXL if I was looking to save some money versus the S10/S10+ because I think those phones act more like flagships than they do mid-range.


Do you use the BYOP for your phone with Republic? I am looking at the phones in that program as well.

Other than the original Moto X1, all phones I’ve used with Republic have been BYOP… These include the Moto X Pure, The Galaxy S8, Note 10+, Moto G4, Moto G5+, Moto G6, and Pixel 3XL.

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I see. The process of activating and porting your current number is the same for BYOP as it is for buying the phone through Republic wireless as long as the phone is the correct model that is compatible?,5937
very similar phone in my option (2 year Flagship vs a current mid-line) I would give an edge to the A50 as it will have a fresher batter and larger screen but it would not be enough to make me want to upgrade from an S8 in hand
yes the process is the same, if your SIM phone is GSM you can just move the SIM over and run thought the quick activation via the Republic App,
If your current SIM is CDMA and you need the CDMA coverage you have to requests new CDMA SIM

GSM Arena has a good phone comparison tool. Keep in mind this is a technical comparison - not subjective like we all tend to talk about also. But, it gives a good basis to start. For these two phones (the regular, not + models) try this


I have looked at the Google Pixel 3XL and the OnePlus 6T in addition to the A50 as a replacement. I have checked each and the 6T is GSM and the 3XL is CDMA compatible. I have access to wifi at my work and at home so the cellular signal is not so much an issue. Do you have any opinions on those phones compared to the S8? I really like the 6T but the 3XL is nice too. Thank you for your input.

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