Samsung Galaxy A50 Text Messaging Troubles

I tried this all again and it seems to be working, but now when I tried to send a text it says waiting for connection in small letters below my text message

Hi @jennifers.lyg4dg,

I’ve moved this post to its’ own thread, so as this issue doesn’t get swallowed by the larger earlier thread. It always helps us best help you when we have as much information as possible.

So, calling both inbound and outbound is working? The issue is now strictly text messaging? Are you able to receive texts messages? Is the inability to send limited to cell or is it happening when connected to WiFi also?

As a starting point, did you update your phone’s Data Profile after resetting its’ cellular settings:

Thank you! Honestly I am so confused about what is happening with my phone. I am not very tech savvy so please be patient with me. Okay, when I try to reset the cellular settings, I get a message that says “Power off your device, insert the service provider UICC that came with the device, then power on the device.”

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Hi @jennifers.lyg4dg,

Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) is another way of saying SIM card, which my understanding is you’ve tried removing and reseating multiple times.

Your last reply said “I tried this all again and it seems to be working” but if you’re not able to reset the phone’s cellular settings then it’s entirely unclear to me what is or isn’t working.

Have you opened the ticket I suggested? Because, candidly, if the cellular settings reset isn’t working, I’m out of ideas.

I then get an error message that the profile update couldn’t be completed

Yes I have opened a ticket

Do you have a response? If so, please try working the issue there. Hopefully, they’ll come up with something I’ve missed. If so, you would be doing the Community if you came back and shared the fix.

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Yes I have a response, thank you for trying to help me, I appreciate it.

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