Samsung Galaxy A51 Question

I notice that the Samsung Galaxy A50 is a supported phone but the A51 is not. Given the similarities in overall phone design and such I have a few questions.

  1. Would the RW software accept the A51 as so close to an A50 that it allows everything to work?
  2. If not, does RW have plans to support the A51 and is there a timeline if the answer is yes?

Hi @ctlw83,

I’m afraid the answer is no.

My understanding is Samsung has just released the carrier agnostic factory unlocked variant for the U.S. market. Previously, Samsung had only released variants of the Galaxy A51 for the U.S. intended for use with specific carriers.

The above said, Republic has not yet announced whether and when support for the Galaxy A51 might come nor does Republic pre-announce potential timelines. For now, only announced compatible phones will activate with Republic. Those phones are listed here:

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Hi @ctlw83 - in addition to the information provided by @rolandh I wanted to make sure you know that RW does post announcements here: Announcements & News - Member Community

You can also use the “Notify” button at the top of the #news page to make sure you are notified when something new is posted in the category.

And here’s a thread you might also find interesting –

And here’s a link to RW’s Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone that might help decide which phones to add :grinning:

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Hi @ctlw83,

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is under consideration, and I’ve just announced an early-adopter’s BETA test for this phone. If you’re interested in bringing the Samsung Galaxy A51 to Republic Wireless, please take a look at this announcement:

That is awesome to see/hear. I’ll chat with my wife and see if I can convince her we should buy the devices and then apply for the beta. If not, at least we know that there “may” be a path to the phone ending up on the network in the near future.

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