Samsung galaxy edge 7s not working



I just got a killer galaxy edge 7s on ebay. It’s badged Verizon. The seller advertised it as unlocked. I can’t make calls with it. I can here people but they can’t hear me. Any suggestions?


Hi @jefferyb!

Did you install the Republic app? If so, did it let you activate it?



Officially Republic does not support Carrier branded version of the phone only the North American Factory Unlock Model the SM-G935U (I will note that this is not t he same as the Verizon version SM-G935V)


As @drm186 said it’s not a supported RW compatable phone. You would need to installed the RW app and see if it allowed activation using a new or recently deactivated BYOP SIM.

Merely installing an already activated RW GSM SIM may allow very limited use such as you have reported.



Yes of course.

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What about the SM-G935A or SM-G935P versions?

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Only the SM-G935U model S7 edge is compatible:


the A version is the AT&T version while the P is Sprint (PCS) version
and as stated before only the North American Factory Unlock Model the SM-G935 U is supported (this also means no international versions like the SM-G935F or SM-G935FD)


The only way to possibly get it to work would be to flash it to the right firmware. I had an S7 that was flashed on Republic. However, it still may not work as good as if it originally was the right version. Due to the fact that the phone is/would be the wrong model, Republic cannot provide support for any problems you are/will be experiencing.


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