Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) SM-J727A

I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) SM-J727A. yesterday I tried to activate the SIM from the app but got an error that the device was not supported. I notice that the Galaxy J7 ( SM-J727U) is a supported device but a slightly different model. Is there going to be support for the SM-J727A ?

At this time I am not seeing support for the SM-J727A as this is the AT&T version of the phone and Republic currently requires the North American (USA region) Factory unlock versions of the phones supported in the J7 that is the SM-J727U model)
please see supported phones to see the models currently required for Republic


Thanks drm,
My phone is unlocked though. The app is reading the model number and deciding that it cant be used. Can this be addressed

Carrier Unlock is not the same as factory unlock the SM-727A has some customization for AT&T and is currently not compatible on Republic only the North American Factory unlocked SM-727U is currently supported as the phone is now over a year old I don’t see Republic approving a carrier version

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