Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now supported for BYOP

:tada: The following Samsung Galaxy Note 9 models are now supported for BYOP:


This means that although we do not offer the Galaxy Note 9 in our online store, supported models of this phone can be brought to our service with the purchase of a Republic Wireless BYOP SIM card.

We support only the North American Factory Unlocked version of any BYOP phone. Please make certain any phone you are considering for BYOP is supported by installing the Republic Wireless app to check for compatibility, or consulting our compatibility wizard at Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or our Community guidance at How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.


Does this include people that were in an area that we could BYOP and now apparently I’m no longer in the BYOP area?
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Hi @jasonk.h0bd3m,

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, relevant to the announcement and certain groups of people being included.

If you are trying to buy a SIM card and see a warning that BYOP is not supported in your area, it means the data we have available indicates coverage is not expected to be good in your area using our BYOP SIM card.

If you have experience with one of our phones and know coverage to be good, then you could ignore the warning. If you get the SIM card and find that coverage is not as good as what you’ve experienced previously, it’s possible a different kind of SIM card could improve your coverage. You would make that request by following the steps here:

Does anyone know if the factory unlocked US cloud silver note 9 will work on BYOP? It was released after the other colors and it’s model number did not show up in the original note 9 BYOP post.

If all that’s different is the color, it will indeed work. If you’ll point us to a listing, we can further confirm.

Edited to add:

This one: If so, the answer is a definitive yes.

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Thats the listing! Thanks.

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In a word, yes. Just stay away from the carrier branded options. You’ll also need a Republic GSM SIM,which you can get here:

I was hoping I could just pop in the rw sim from my current phone, its a Galaxy S7 edge. Will it work?

It might. We need to determine if the SIM is GSM or CDMA. If GSM, it will move to a Note 9. If CDMA, let us know and we’ll provide more insight. Here’s how to tell: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

It’s GSM.


Sorry if this is redundant but I’m not really sure if this phone is supported or not. The longer model number checks out (SM-N960UZSAXAA) but the short model number is SM-N960U (no 1 at the end).

Samsung - Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960U 128GB GSM + CDMA Unlocked (Silver) - US Warranty

Thanks for the help!!

Hi @josephg.5e1g1j,

The longer number referenced in the listing you linked (Samsung’s manufacturer’s SKU) does indeed indicate the phone is Republic compatible. The shorter model SM-N960U1 would only be visible from the Settings app on the phone itself, so the seller probably is simply unaware of the difference between SM-N960U and SM-N960U1.

If it were me, I’d proceed in confidence based on the correct manufacturer’s SKU being listed. In any event, should it be needed, Amazon’s return policies are consumer friendly.


Thanks!!! Greatly appreciated!!

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