Samsung Galaxy S10 support


I want to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S7 to the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975U:
It is GSM, North American version and unlocked.
It’s a pre-order and I want to buy it ASAP so I can get the free Galaxy Buds and the $150 rebate for my S7.

Will RW support the S10 and how soon?
I really hope so because I love your service and don’t want to switch to another carrier, but I really need this upgrade!


While history says that S10 support will likely come, at this point, there’s no info regarding support. When Republic is ready, they’ll make the announcement widely and loudly (if there is one).


The info on that says it’s carrier unlocked and not factory unlock, I would wait and see if Republic supports it and double check the model number [the last year phones needed a 1 after the U to be factory unlocked all the U stood for was US version]


Actually that’s not correct. If you look at the top of the page you’ll see the full SKU: G975UZWAXAA Like the S9 and the S8, the XAA indicates factory unlocked. The longer SKU has never had the “1” in it, which is what makes it so confusing. See: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

Also, stores don’t sell carrier unlocked phones. They either sell carrier phones, which then the carrier can unlock and make carrier unlocked or factory unlocked phones.


I’m interested in this as well. The pre-order offer for the S10 is enough to consider changing providers while waiting for RW to catch up. I have a perfect condition S9 and can get an S10 for less than $600. I’m trying to hold out, but we can’t wait forever, RW should at least have an official response to this by now.


I agree. I have been with RW going on 6 years, and I would be disappointed and feel like I am betraying a company that saved me financially and allowing me to keep a phone on me at all times. Definitely a great carrier if you do not foresee yourself needing a lot of data, but I use WiFi 98% of the time, and I also need it when I’m not connected. I also realize I’m not willing to pay $90 a month for data, as I now want to go unlimited. I really want the S10, however still doing my research on the S9.


Asking a company if they are going to support a device that had yet to be released yet, is a bit premature, I would think. It does take time for the techs over there to get their hands on the device and test it first. So it takes time.


Hi @robertf.wecpkm,

Thanks for your interest in remaining with Republic Wireless despite the lure of a great deal on a fabulous phone! It’s not often you see anyone speak in terms of “loving” their cell phone carrier. May we send you a Republic Wireless T-shirt? (If so, I’ll follow up privately for some details.)

We know the uncertainty makes your decision difficult. Typically, we don’t announce phones in advance for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the manufacturers have given exclusivity to certain carriers, allowing them to announce first or have other restrictions in place which are not optional.

More commonly, we choose to wait until we are ready to support the phone before announcing support because we have to test the devices and their builds with our service before we can be certain we can support each one, and we often don’t get them in advance. We don’t want to put ourselves in the position of saying that we will support a phone, only to find out that there’s an issue and we can’t support it.

With all that in mind, we were moved by your post and we understand the value of the offer for the earbuds and the rebate. After all, saving money is what we’re all about!

So, let me give it to you straight…

It is our intent to support the S10 and S10+ at launch or within a day or so of launch. If an issue is found during final testing, that support could be delayed, so there’s a chance your patience could be tested. Some of our own technicians have taken advantage of the same pre-order option, so I would say the level of confidence here is pretty high.

Please let us know what you decide to do, and thanks for being an enthusiastic Republic Wireless member! :rw:

Is the Galaxy S10e (unlocked) supported at launch (March 8th)?
Samsung 10E received


That was a great response and helps to give members some insight into the RW processes of phone support approval.



If the S10s are supported by T-Mobile on launch day, wouldn’t they work OK putting your current SIM into a S10? Or does RW block unsupported phone models from registering with the network?


That’s not the way things work with Republic. The Republic App has to connect your phone to the Republic services and that’s only possible when the phone is properly activatable on Republic.


I’m one of the technicians Southpaw mentioned above who has already pre-ordered the S10+ from Samsung. The trade in deal and free earbuds was too good to pass up. I also really want to see the new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in action. What new feature on the Samsung S10/10+ are you most excited to try?


Did you order the unlocked S10?


I order the unlocked S10+ in blue from Samsungs website.


Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will wait for your announcement.


Hi @robertf.wecpkm, @timga, @asiya, and @mools,

Here’s the update you’ve been waiting for:


Does RW intend to allow CDMA compatibility with the S10 series?


Will RW update the CDMA compatible list? I dont want to request CDMA card only to be told it is not compatible yet. :slight_smile:


Hi @karap.ogq2ku,

We will update the list at What 3.0 Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help once we are able to provide CDMA SIM Cards for the S10 series.