Samsung galaxy s10e buying outside of republic?

If I purchase a S10e outside of republic is there anything I need to look out for?

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Hi @timothyw.xljdxt - I recommend you start by reviewing the following articles.

Make sure you buy a phone with the fully compatible model number. You may also need to buy a SIM depending on what phone you have now and what type of SIM it has. You might be able to move the RW SIM to the new phone.

tl;dr – buy MODEL NUMBER SM-G970U1

RW supports only the North American Factory Unlocked version of any BYOP phone.

Hope this helps!


thank you for the reply. I did read those articles and they were helpful. I am looking at the bestbuy galaxy s10e here.

According to the article that you linked to, Best buy is a good place to buy. It also mentions the necessary “1” in the model number. However, if you see the best buy phone its model number is SM-G970UZKAXAA.

So is that phone ok or not?

Yes, as long as you select the “Unlocked” version, that will work with Republic.

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