Samsung Galaxy S20 FE -- Would you pay $70 to go from 6gb ram and 128gb storage to 8gb ram and 256gb storage?

Still haven’t made up my mind on which phone I want, but the Galaxy S20 FE has caught my eye. The version with 8gb ram and256gb storage is $70 more than the standard version with 6gb ram and 128gb storage. If I plan to keep the phone for four years, is the extra ram and storage worth the increased cost? The limits of my Moto X4 are starting to become apparent (no space for apps and I have to restart it often or apps don’t run right. – especially android Auto which I use all the time).

Go big or go home!

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part of me says I never need 128 storage on a phone little long 256 , (but that the same part of me that regrets not getting the 64GB version of my current phone as I would not need the 32 GB it has, $70 is not a lot of money and would future proof the phone. that’s my 2 cents

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