Samsung galaxy s6

Why can’t I use my galaxy s6 am-920v phone on my plan

Republic only supports the North American Factory Unlock version of the phones they use (and the Republic Wireless App uses a White list of phone models ans software builds)

the North American Factory Unlock version of the S6 is the SM-920T (Samsung reused the T model for both the T-Mobile version on the North American Factory unlock and that is why one must check the build version for that)…

1Only certain build numbers of these phones are compatible with our service.

For the Samsung Galaxy S6

  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DQB1
  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DQA1
  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DPL1
  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DPK1
  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DPI2
  • MMB29K.G920TUES4DPH2
  • MMB29K.G920TUEU4DPG2
  • MMB29K.G920TUES4DPF1
  • MMB29K.G920TUEU3DPD6
    Please note: The T-Mobile branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service.

The V version is the Verizon version and it’s hardware was tune for Verizon (the Verizon has CDMA radio for the Verizon bands while the North American Factory Unlock only has a GSM radio bands) and it has the Verizon Bloat where and Republic has not let any Carrier version on it network yet

please Remember Republic is not like most MVNO it is a hybrid VOIP/Cell provider and needs to make sure phones allowed work on that type of network

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