Samsung Galaxy S7 and Upgrade



Sorry for the length of this but I am frustrated. I have been with Republic for a little over 3 years and the phones I have had have always been one of the Moto phones for obvious reasons. I absolutely hate these Moto phones. None of mine have ever been worth anything and my frustration has reached the point of either I get a decent phone or I go back to a different carrier. I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy 7 S that they are offering and is currently on sale. First question is what is your experience with it and is it a good phone? Second question is would I have to change plans and go through a whole big deal to upgrade to a decent phone? I’m not real sure of what all is involved because I have always just stayed with the basics. The only thing I do know is I will never own another Moto product and the one I have is very close to being placed under my back tire. Any suggestions ?


Hi @judyh.jxso9m,

I’m sorry to hear of your frustration and less than stellar experience with Motorola phones. While my experience with Motos has generally been good, I appreciate wanting to try something different as you’re not sharing that experience.

First I have no direct experience with Samsung’s Galaxy S7. I know other Community members like @billg are very happy with theirs.

The above said, the S7 is not currently available at Republic’s store. If you can find one elsewhere, bringing it to Republic is one option. For more on that, please see here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless.

Republic offers the S7 edge at $599 and the S8 (the S7’s successor) on sale at $549 until December 15th or while supplies last. Please know the S8 is also backordered with delivery estimated at 1-2 weeks out. There’s also the J7 (wanting to cover all the 7s) at $199.

Some things do indeed change with Republic’s newer phones, one would be your plan and depending on chosen phone coverage might change as well.

  1. Clear Choice Plans
  2. Republic Wireless Coverage

If you’re ready to run it over, I’m guessing there’s no interest but it’s also possible with more information, the Community might help improve the experience with your Moto?


After owning 3 Motorola phones I switched to the Samsung S7. The Motorola X1 and X2 worked well for me but the S7 is remarkably better that either of those. The S7 goes on the plans presently outlined in the Plans section on this site. For example, if you were on the $10.00 Republic Refund plan switching to an S7 without data will increase your bill by 50%. The upgrade process is straight-forward and works quite well. It takes about an hour for the new phone to receive all the data from the old phone and get its apps all updated. Also, there will be a few Samsung security updates.

I want to warn you that some S7s are being sold on eBay that were not the original 930U models. These have been re flashed with 930U firmware and don’t work on CDMA carriers. Stay away from them.


My wife and I went from a moto x to the S7. It’s an awesome phone. Much better than the x. We are on the WiFi only plan $15, and it works great for us. Beta member of republic, I’ve had lot’s of hassles long ago, but zero with the S7. Hope you like it.


Point of clarification, the Clear Choice $15 plan is WiFi only for data. It provides unlimited talk and text on cellular as well as WiFi.


Thank you. I do not mind paying a little more but I will never ever have another Moto anything. I guess I need to look at the J7 because I thought Republic had the S7. I’m not sure I want to wait another month or so either before getting a phone. I’m truly just over it with this phone I currently have. It’s literally about 5 minutes from being flushed.


Hi @judyh.jxso9m,

Though, I’ve also not used the J7, it’s not nearly as robust a phone as the S7, S7 edge or S8 as accurately reflected in the price differential. Republic does offer a 14-day money back guarantee, so not much risk in trying it to see if it meets your needs. More on the money back guarantee here: Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help. If you’d identify which Moto you have, we’d be better able to determine if the J7 might be comparable.


I have the Moto X 3rd Gen. Hated it within a month but didn’t want to just waste money so decided to just ride it out but this is the most worthless phone I have ever owned and I’ve had cell phones since they came out because I’m old. Seriously at this point I would take a first generation flip phone to get away from Moto phones. I just don’t want to throw more money away and increase my monthly bill on another worthless phone. That being said I’m not unhappy with Republic but they need to step up their phone selection and/or the bring your own phone program. I had to give up a brand new Galaxy Note 3 when I switched to Republic years ago and they sent me this horrible Moto. At the time they only had Moto and I almost went back to a major carrier then but waited it out thinking the phones would improve. So far, not so much.


Hi @judyh.jxso9m,

I understand and respect your experience with Motorola phones has been poor. I’m not trying to sell you another one.

I asked which Moto you had primarily to ascertain whether you are accustomed to high end phones as you are (at least) considering the J7. The J7 like your Moto G3 is considered to be a mid-range phone. Samsung’s S series is considered high end. The Galaxy Note 3 would have been considered high end when new as well. My instinct is the J7 will disappoint you feature wise, however, as suggested in my earlier reply there’s little to lose keeping in mind Republic’s 14-day money back guarantee.

Republic no longer sells Samsung’s Galaxy S7 because it’s exhausted its stock and Samsung no longer makes the phone. Republic does still have stock of the S7 edge, a slightly higher end version of the S7. Likewise, Samsung no longer makes the S7 edge, so I expect when its gone from Republic’s store (we don’t know how many are left) it’s gone for good.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the replacement for the S7. Republic sells the S8 and its currently on sale for $549. It’s a fantastic price for that phone but due to its understandable popularity is backordered with an estimated shipping delay of 1-2 weeks. For what its worth, the S8 seems to be sold out at many other retailers also.

You have the option of acquiring an S7 or S8 elsewhere and bringing it to Republic. You’ll want to be certain, you acquire the North American factory unlocked variant. Some help on that from a fellow Republic member here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

I think you’ll find Republic has stepped up its game regarding increased phone availability. All the phones compatible with Republic’s blended WiFi/cell calling are listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. There are many Motos listed there but also several Samsungs and other brands as well.


Samsung has some certified pre-owned unlocked S7s that come with a free wireless charger here:

Just make sure you order the unlocked 930U model.


Hi @judyh.jxso9m,

I’d like to encourage you to open the phone’s Settings app, scroll to the bottom and tap “about phone” and then under “Model Number” tell us what it says.

I own the Moto X 3rd Gen (which is more commonly called the Moto X Pure) and I’m very surprised to see that you consider it worthy of flushing. I’m very curious to know if perhaps it’s a different model.


Sorry, it’s the Moto G 3rd Generation but it truly is a flushworthy item. Hardly any of the functions on this phone work properly even with all the “updates”. I think over the couple years I’ve had it I just continuously convince myself it’s a WiFi issue but even that is not the case. Here lately if I get a text or a notification of any type it makes this long hissing noise and then next thing I know my battery life has drastically dropped. the touch screen is a joke on this phone. You can’t touch it, you have to “touch” it 3 or 4 times to open an app. I mean the issues are too numerous to mention and I’m just to the point now that I hate this phone. I cannot keep this phone any longer because my poor sanity level is on the brink.


Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Since it’s the Moto G 3rd Gen, both our plans and our coverage would be impacted by your choice of a new phone.

Since you’ve been so unhappy with this phone, I’d really like to see you work with a couple of our long-time members, both of whom have extensive experience with our service, other services, and many different kinds of phones. They also know what is available, and, to some extent, when back-ordered phones will resume availability.

Tell them what features are most important to you. Let them check your area (don’t give out your exact address, but maybe just your zip code) for coverage, because they fully understand our coverage and the phones that can make the most of our different coverage possibilities. With them, think through the size you need your next phone to be, your most important apps, and how you use the phone (photo storage, music storage, selfies, Facebook - what really matters most to you?)

The two members I have in mind are @louisdi and @rolandh. If you don’t want to go into so much detail publicly, just let them know and either one of them can open a private message here between the three of you, but where the whole Community won’t be munching their popcorn and watching the spectacle unfold.

Finally, please don’t flush the G3. Let’s see what y’all decide about a next phone, and then let’s come up with a better plan for its future.


I just want to emphasize here that my problem isn’t with Republic at all. This is my second or third Moto phone and I have not liked any of them and certainly not worth the money. I just want to be able to stay with Republic but have a good phone. I just want them to either expand the phones they offer or expand the bring your own phone line. I would not take another Moto brand if it was free.


Happy to help if you’d like to chat by DM. Just let me know, and I’ll start a DM where we can chat privately.


Likewise, I’ll do my best to help here or privately if @judyh.jxso9m is amenable to that.