Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Software Update Error

Phone mentioned in title. Purchased from RW.
Plan: My Choice + 1gb

My software update has not worked since I received my phone new from Republic Wireless quite some time ago. I attempt to install / redownload the update occasionally but goes into Recovery booting then the installing system update screen until it errors at 30% with a tipped over “x” eyed Android with an “!” Talk bubble every time and the phone boots up to generate a message stating “Failed to Update. Visit a Samsung Service Center.”(Wherever or whatever that is.) Followed by an error log report to upload to Samsung, which I always do.

I have 10gb free, the update is only 350mb so it’s not a space problem. I thought of attempting a factory reset, though from what I’ve seen it doesn’t effect firmware so I wonder if it will be useful or worth the time. As it is, my updates are quite behind and it’s beginning to seem unsafe to me. Last security update is from “September 1, 2016”, Android version is 6.0.1

Wanted to find some sage advice on the matter before I proceed.

Update I attempted all the suggestions to no avail. Even had help clearing the cache from an electronics store employee. Ended up having to take it to a Samsung Service Center. They used their computer system to overwrite the operating system. To the surprise of the agent and myself, it totally worked and I’m problem free now. Thankfully it was a unique firmware problem and not a hardware issue.

I know this is a nuisance but go ahead with the factory reset. Don’t restore from backup as this seems to be causing some problems if the backup was from an RW legacy model. After the reset give the phone at least an hour to install updates, paying attention to the notifications in the pull-down shade.

First thing to do is clear cache, that’s Android System Cache.

Next try to update while in Safe Mode.

Next if that doesn’t work do a factory reset. Remember to read all the information about backing up your phone.

If that doesn’t work, try to install the update through Smart Switch.

Hopefully you won’t need the “if all fails” solution, which is to contact Samsung. If your phone is less than a year old, the problem should be covered under their warranty:

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