Samsung Galaxy S7 phones


What Samsung Galaxy S7 phones can be used with Republic Wireless


You need model number SM-G930U for the S7 and SM-G935U for the S7 Edge. This link will give you details as to which phones are compatible. Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help



I have sort of the same question. Do the Samsung model numbers that are compatible with Republic Wireless end at the U or are they longer and we need to look for the models that start with SM-G930U or SM-G935OU.

For example I noticed an unlocked Samsung S7 has model number SM-G930UZKAXAA while the S7 Edge has the model number SM-G935UZSAXAA.

Thanks for any insight.


Hi @David.D,

The longer numbers are Samsung’s manufacturer’s SKUs (a more detailed version of the model number). For the S7s, so long as you get SM-G930U or SM-G935U (S7 and S7 edge respectively) you’ll be fine.


Great! Thank you!


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