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I’m a bit tech illiterate when it comes to this sort of thing and I couldn’t find a definite online, maybe someone here can help. I currently have an S7 that I purchased through Verizon and am looking to leave them. While the SM-G930V is not compatible with Republic, the SM-G930U is. This may be a “duh” question, but is the “V” in the model number something that keeps me married to Verizon’s service with this phone or is this something that can be changed by Verizon to G930U so that I could use Republic? I know you can sometimes pay your carrier to unlock a phone but I was under the impression that Verizon sells unlocked phones to begin with. I would love to hold on to my phone but a lot of my options are requiring me to buy another.

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there is a Hardware difference between the Verizon Model and the North American Factory unlock model as well as software differences (on can flash the firmware for the U model in a V but it still has hardware differences

Republic has so far not approved any carrier versions

please see here for the results of a software flash WARNING before BYOP



Yea, that last letter in the model number is significant from a hardware point of view. My wife recently tried to move her SM-G930T (T-Mobile) to Verizon for what she thought would be better coverage only to learn that Verizon could not activate it. T-Mobile says it is ‘unlocked’. But it seems that ‘unlocked’ doesn’t tell the whole story and doesn’t mean the same thing to mere mortals as it does to the techies of the world!



CDMA carriers (Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular) trend not to activate other carrier brand phones as they can not verify the MEID are valid which are how they registrar the phones to their networks {SIM cards are just LTE access on a valid registered phone} where a regional factory unlock they can deal with the OEM and verify the MEID, GSM phones are more likely to take another phone as the network registrar is done through the SIM card




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Piggy backing on this thread, since my question is similar-

Do the above comments apply for a S7 that was on T-Mo or AT&T networks? Meaning, will a “carrier unlocked” phone (fully paid off) and running 930T or 930A work on Republic?

I ask because Republic anyway uses T-Mo network and from what I understand, T-Mo and At&t are both GSM (and therefore similar, except the bands they use, I suppose…). So a phone that used to work on T-Mo or At&t should work with Republic…?

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In short “NO” RW hasn’t let a carrier unlocked phone of any brand on the service. Only North America Factory unlocked will work if they are on the acceptable list.

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

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