Samsung Galaxy S7 Suddenly Not Compatible

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Hi @king200

Sorry to hear your phone suddenly shows as not compatible. Is it currently affecting your calling and texting service as I’m guessing it may be?

Do you know if anything changed recently? I know the phone may be getting the Android 8 Oreo update soon if not already but I’m not sure if anything changed in the mean time.

Have you tried doing a VOIP reset/ Republic Activation reset or reseting the Republic Wireless app?

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I am wasting people’s time. I have a custom rom. Oreo and the latest security update. I changed model in in build.prop to 930U and 950U1. The Republic app asks me to update the rom. I am using “[ROM] Sac23 S9 Ported Rom Updated v7”

I’ll experiment a little more and report if I have success. The mystery is that the activated sim (Activated in a Moto G4+) worked perfectly and the 930F was the Model Number.

Well. That would be why.

Custom rom or modify your phones software is against Republic’s Terms Of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy… Republic may terminate your service if you do such things as unsupported builds can disrupt their services. Same with beta builds of official software.

Restore you phone back to unmodified stock rom and you will be fine and compatible again.

I would also state the SM-G930F is not the version Republic supports [that the international version where Republic uses the US regional version]


The bottom line is that neither the 930F nor custom ROMs are supported at Republic. You are indeed correct that activated SIMs will often transfer and appear to work correctly but once Republic catches up with you will stop working. You should also note that Republic considers using unsupported phones a violation of the Terms of Service because of the risk to the network and can terminate service at any time.

I was not aware that I was in violation of the terms of service. Although I can no longer use Republic, I have and will recommend Republic to others. The help and service is much better than I expect.

I with that the sim did not work in the S7 I was using right away and I might not have bought it.

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