Samsung galaxy s8 Amazon vs rw


Just saw an email from RW today for the galaxy S8. I think I just purchased this same unlocked phone on cyber Monday from Amazon. I’d rather buy it from RW but first i’d like to verify if there is any difference between the 2 phones?
I’m guessing I would need to order a sim card for the Amazon one? Does is come included buying through RW? Would the republic one ever be able to use without republic wireless service? Also it states it’s on backorder? If it’s a new product not sure why any idea how long it will actually take to ship out? Is there anything else I’m not thinking of that I should verify?
Thanks for any info, rob


Hi @robertb.k5ex5y

It is showing back-ordered. Samsung Galaxy S8 | Republic Wireless

The RW model number is SM-G950U1, I cannot find any model numbers on Amazon for their offerings, the “Unlocked by Samsung” makes me nervous…(their method of designating phone model/version numbers is like a MENSA quiz).

Yes, phones purchased from RW come with the SIM.

Our friend @rolandh may be able to help with the version numbers.


Hi @robertb.k5ex5y,

Though now in Republic’s store, Samsung’s S8 is currently backordered. One is still welcome to buy it if the wait is not an issue.

The S8 sold by Republic is North American factory unlocked and may be activated with any service provider (domestic or international willing to do so). The S8 is relatively new to Republic’s store but isn’t a new product. It’s been on the market for (at least) six months. I’d say it’s backordered because Republic has it on sale at $549. Average price today elsewhere is $724. Republic’s online store is quoting 1-2 weeks for shipment.

Before going into more detail on the S8 you purchased at Amazon, might you be able to share a link? Amazon sells multiple variants of the S8. Alternatively, if you have the phone in your possession, do you see a model number of SM-G950U1 or, better yet, a manufacturer’s SKU of SM-G950UZKAXAA?


I believe this was the one…

Think it looks the same, guessing with the galaxy 9 and x news they are finally reducing the price for the 8 everywhere. On amazon it is also on backorder thats why I would be able to cancel now and order through RW instead.

I remember older phones were not able to transfer to other carriers is that still the case? I don’t plan on leaving RW but if I ever sell the phone I would need to know. That and not sure how long it will take to get are the only things holding me back.


Also wasn’t sure if there would be any difference in warranty or services from ordering on RW instead? Didn’t think so but figured wouldn’t hurt to ask.


Hi @robertb.k5ex5y,

The phone you linked from Amazon is the same phone being sold by Republic. You would need to purchase a bring your own SIM, which you can also get at Amazon. If you decide to buy the phone from Republic, the SIM is included. The price at that listing is $724. Samsung will likely release an S9 1st or 2nd quarter next year. As of today, I see no one (including Samsung itself) discounting the phone as Republic is doing.

You’re quite correct about Republic’s legacy phones not being compatible with other networks. This is no longer true with Republic’s newer 3.0 platform phones. If you’re upgrading an older Republic legacy phone some things you might want to be aware of:

  1. You’re plan will change. More here: Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless.
  2. You’re coverage will also change: Additional info here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help

Finally, as to when you’ll have the phone in your hands, Republic’s store is quoting 1-2 weeks before shipping. From there, it depends on your choice of shipment method. That’s what we know.


The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and is the same (one-year) regardless of where one buys the phone.


Perfect thank you so much for your time!


Now trying to buy but keep getting this error…

Could not load billing account

Freezes every time it tries to figure out taxes?


There were some earlier hiccups with ordering that I understood to be cleared up. Are you using the store from your phone or a computer? I highly recommend using a computer and, if possible, Google Chrome as your web browser. If none of that helps, please try clearing your web browser’s cache, then give it another shot.


Clearing the cache did the trick. Unfortunately after shipping and taxes I actually lost $35 compared to cyber monday sale Darn it. shouldn’t have cancelled until I saw the final price…live and learn.


Not trying to steal the thread, but I ordered a “Backordered 1-2 weeks” S8 from RW over the weekend and I just got an email saying it was shipped. Just throwing that out there.