Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, G5S+ Now Compatible with Republic Wireless (BYOP)


Today, we’re excited to announce that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ as well as the Moto G5S Plus are now compatible with Republic Wireless through our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program!

Supported Model Numbers*

Samsung Galaxy S8: Model number SM-G950U1 (Also listed as SM-G950UZKAXAA)
Samsung Galaxy S8+: Model number SM-G955U1 (Also listed as SM-G955UZKAXAA)
Moto G5S Plus: XT1806

*All models must be North American unlocked

For a list of all compatible BYOP phones, please see Republic Wireless Phones.

Also, be sure to check out the latest updates to our BYOP blog.

E4 Plus, G5 Plus, or other?

It’s about time the S8 was add , and nice to see the Moto G5S Plus there also



Just to be clear about the model numbers. On the Samsung website they list the S8 as being:
SM-G950UZKAXAA which does not match the number you’ve listed above. And I can’t find SM-G950U1 on their site at all. Am I missing something?


Now the debate: the G5 Plus or the G5S Plus. The S has a full metal body, dual camera and larger screen but reviews ding it for pretty bad shutter lag. Do I want the larger screen. Will that drain the (same size) battery faster? They are currently selling for the same price.

Decisions, decisions.

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Republic’s getting a nice shoutout on the G5S Plus’s webpage. Very excited for this phone.


Just got my G5s Plus today, but when I put my sim card in I get “Unsupported Phone” :frowning:

When will they be activated?

  • Trent

Are you moving a sim from an existing phone? Which phone are you moving the SIM from?
Or is it a brand new SIM card?


it is a brand new SIM


Can you go to
Settings -> About phone and post your build number?

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Hi @tratoyer,

Could you please share the Android build on the phone you have? We’ve seen a pre- production build on a one G5S+ and we will be researching that further on Monday.



Picked it up from Best Buy today. :slight_smile:


That’s the exact same situation, same build and same source.

We will be following up with our partners at Motorola on Monday. Would you mind opening a support ticket so we can follow up with you when we have further info?

If you’ll let me know the ticket number, I’ll make sure it gets to the right team.


I can do that - thank you so much for your help!

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Ticket Number: (1237729)

Again, thank you for your help.

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So it will be Monday at the earliest before there is a chance to activate the new phone - correct? ( just didn’t want to keep trying over the weekend if there is no point )

Thank you


We have attached your ticket to the master ticket on the matter, so you will hear from us as soon as we know more. I do not think anything further will happen before Monday, but if somehow we do get it added for activation, you will get a response in your ticket letting you know.

It will not “just happen” so there’s definitely no need to keep trying until you hear from us.

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For anyone else with a Moto G5S+ that will not activate because it has build number NPS26.116-45, if you’d like to be notified as we further investigate this build, please open a support ticket, explain that your G5S+ has build NPS26.116-45, and ask to be attached to master ticket #(1237736).

If you are having any other trouble activating a phone, but it’s not that same phone with that same build, please do not ask to be attached to that master ticket.


Our engineers have opened the conversation with Motorola, and we’ll update here once we know more about this build.


Hi @jimk,

Thanks for the feedback. It looks like we were being too specific based on numbers we’ve seen on our devices. I’ve updated the numbers above to be more general.

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