Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, G5S+ Now Compatible with Republic Wireless (BYOP)



Any news about this. Can you please specify the model of the S8.


Hi @danielv.9yp43l,

SM-G950UZKAXAA is the North American factory unlocked variant qualified for use with Republic. If you peruse Samsung’s website, you’ll note that carrier specific variants (which won’t work with Republic) have different manufacturer’s SKUs.




Does it need to be SM-G950UZKAXAA as you state here, or any beginning with SM-G950U (or SM-G955U) as @beng states at the very top of this post?


It must be SM-G950UZKAXAA or SM-G955UZKAXAA, which is Samsung’s manufacturer’s SKU for the North American factory unlocked variant of the S8 and S8+ respectively. All S8s and S8+s begin with SM-G950U or SM-G955U (again respectively), including carrier branded variants that won’t work with Republic. No carrier branded variants work with Republic.


Some official clarity on this would be helpful. You and @danielv.9yp43l have said the same information, but you are each ambassadors. @beng is an employee and states something different, as does the offiical BYOP page. It states SM-G950U1 and SM-G955U1 as the model numbers. According to your post, the options are quite limited when looking on Samsung’s site. According to @beng, any of the carrier models would work with RW. According to the BYOP page, none of them will work, but those on Swappa will. As someone interested in purchasing a new phone that will work and also not spend more than I have to, I look forward to these differences being explained.


Hi @kschzhd,

Due to the complexity of Samsung’s naming conventions, @beng is working with our Ambassadors, our Experts, and our product team to make sure the information is as accurate as possible. The posts and associated pages will be updated when the accuracy of the information is confirmed.

We appreciate your willingness to avoid rushing your purchase until you do have the correct information.


This is complicated by the fact that when you have the unlocked version in hand (Settings – About Phone) the S8 reads: “Model: SM-G950U1” and the S8+ reads: “Model: SM-G955U1” but on the box, the SKU does not include the “1” and instead has to end in “XAA” to indicate the unlocked version. The SKU for all versions is the same with the “XAA” being replaced with a carrier indication such as “TMB” for T-Mobile, “ATT” for AT&T, “AIO” for Cricket, etc.

And to make it worse, every single carrier variant reads only “Model: SM-G950U” when checking “Settings – About Phone”.


Hi @kschzhd,

I have no objection to further official clarification. Meanwhile I answered your question to the best of my ability. In doing so, I’m relying on Republic’s consistently stated official position since Republic 3.0 launched in August of 2016 that no carrier branded variants of any qualified phones work with Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service. Might that change one day, perhaps? Are the S8s the beginning of that change, I don’t think so but time will tell.


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your patience. I’ve updated the information above and the other pages will be updated soon. @louisdi explains the intricacies very well:


If anyone is looking to buy the new Moto G5S+ while it is discounted…

If you live in a state that does not charge tax on online purchases Newegg has the phone at the discounted price with free speakers and free shipping. Walmart also has the phone at the discounted price with 2-day shipping but they charge full tax despite purchasing it online.


Thanks all. Just ordered my G5S+ and expect to receive in about a week. Would’ve liked the Moto X (1st gen) to last a little longer, but Google-developed apps crashing all the time and battery life of ~2 hours (<50% screen time) pushed me over the edge. Why not reward them with more of my business? :rofl:


The phone has amazing battery life, I can easily get a full days use out of it no problem. Two or three if I stare at my screen less. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello: I just purchased an unlocked S8+ from Best Buy. The assured me it was the North American factory variant that would work. However the SKU is a bit different: SMG955U1ZBAX . Can you tell me if this variant will work with RW??? Thanks!


It should indeed work. The important part is SM-G955U1 the rest indicates color and capacity, neither of which will impact compatibility with Republic.


Great phone, replaced my beaten up Moto X Pure with G5. G5 just does everything better, faster, smoother. I though I would miss bigger screen, but don’t one bit. On plus side, smaller size gives phone better one handed operation. Get the 64gb version 4gb of Ram for powerful performance…


can i buy a galaxy S8+ through republic wireless


Republic does not carry the S8+ in its store. You can buy the factory unlocked version elsewhere and use it with Republic through the BYOP program.


thanks for the info


just make sure you get the North American factory unlock version