Samsung Galaxy S9+ Model Number



So I would like to buy my own Samsung Galaxy S9+ somewhere else since Republic doesn’t sell the S9+ on their store, but I’m confused which model I can get. If I click on “I haven’t bought my phone yet” and put in Samsung Galaxy S9+, it gives me a list of model numbers: SM-G965UZKFXAA , SM-G965UZBFXAA , SM-G965UZPFXAA , SM-G965UZKEXAA , SM-G965UZBEXAA , SM-G965UZPEXAA , SM-G965UZPAXAA , SM-G965UZBAXAA , SM-G965UZKAXAA. But if I click on “I already have my phone”, “Check without installing the app”, and put in Samsung Galaxy S9+, it says that it has to be this model number: SM-G965U1 and anything other that this model number are not compatible. Which one is it? I don’t want to spend $700+ and not have it work. Any answers are appreciated.


Samsung lists the phone two different ways:

  1. On the phone itself, under Settings – About Phone – Model, it shows SM-G965U1
  2. On the box, or a website, they’ll list the longer SKU. In this case it must start with SM-G965U and end in XAA.

Those both indicate the same thing.

More info here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone


Okay, That makes sense. Thank you for your help.


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