Samsung galaxy S9 note

I’m thinking about buying a Galaxy S9 note refurbished from daily sale and have posed the model number question to them already. They claim it’s compatible with the following Networks and will be provided without the Sim.

  • Fully unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Boost Mobile, Virgin, etc.)
    Am I safe in assuming that it will work on Republic? I have no idea when they will respond to my question and I’d like to move ahead with the purchase?

You didn’t list a part number for the phone. I suggest grabbing the exact part number, then referencing this RW document. Good luck!

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Please post the direct link to the phone in question on … the 1st match that I see there would be a definite NO, as it is 2G & international per the write-up

They don’t list either part or model #. I’m aware of the compatibility chart.

Thanks, but for that particular phone, they provided even less information than the one I looked at. If you have some faith in them, then they do offer a 30 return process. This model is 3 years old (Aug 2018) … so my biggest fear would be the battery

It is not safe to assume it will work on Republic. Without the complete model number, there is no way to know. Sometimes, even with what the seller purports to be the model number, Samsung phones are not a sure thing, because sellers often take what was built as a carrier-locked phone and “unlock it” by flashing it with unlocked software. This process does not change the phone’s model number and will not make it compatible with our network.
You need to know the original model number in order to make an informed decision, unless you’re willing to take the risk of dealing with their return process.


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