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Just purchased a refurbished Samsung galaxy S9, Planned on using it for the BYOP program. It is listed as a supported phone. I’ve got a new republic SIM card. I’ve been a long time RW customer. Trying to download the app it states that my phone is unsupported at this time. Am I doing something wrong? It came unlocked .


check to make sure it is RW compatable

there was a case, reported in forums of an EBAY seller giving wrong info…
always on samsung to download the samsung info app from the play store and check for yourself

next if it is correct model, etc
check for system updates

a new RW app is being rolled out


You say you can’t even download the Republic App? In that case it is most likely that you’re trying to download the wrong App. The App will download to any version of the S9 whether compatible or not. Make sure this is the app you’re trying to download:

If it is, please let us know the exact error that you’re getting in trying to download it.


Carrier unlocked is not the same as Factory Unlocked.

Republic only supports Factory Unlocked North American USA model phones.
Carrier unlocked phones will not work on Republic.
If the S9 you have is not the exact model listed on the Supported Phones list, it will not work with Republic.

If that phone turns out not to be compatible, hopefully you can return it and get most of of your money back. Otherwise, you can sell it yourself on Ebay or Swappa.

Also, this article may be useful to you for the future:


Thank you.


Is this phone compatible? It is available on Amazon.


Yes, that is the compatible version.


Thank you. How about this one?



Yes, all versions that start with G950U and end in XAA or KAX can be used with Republic.

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