Samsung J3 - Can't use data

What phone do you have? samsung j3

What plan are you on? unlimited talk & text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? talk & text (but i bought data i can’t use)

Issue Description

It is a setting on my phone, or not in my plan?

Hi @jamesg.pc2hsr and welcome to the Member Community. I suggest you start by opening the RW app and verifying the amount of data left on your plan. Wondering how you confirmed you can not use the data you purchased.

If this shows you have data available then use the following How-to article to make sure data limit is turned off.

We’ll go from there! I don’t have a Samsung J3 but other Members with one might jump in with other checks and solutions too :smiley:

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Hi @jamesg.pc2hsr Are you still needing assistance with this issue?

no, i was helped thru the problem.

If you could share the who/what fixed it for you, then the community can add that to the possible fixes for others in the future

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