Samsung J3 icon management questions

why are there so many Message icons? I have 4 showing now including a Messenger.
Is there one that is most robust?

I cannot figure out texts? Where do I create one?

Sometimes I receive a message that show mms and a spinning icon that never resolves.
Can that be fixed or is it a limitation in Republic Wireless?

My Google icon has somehow been broken up and now my homepage has about 100 icons, and each Google icon is listed individually. Too many how do I change that back to much fewer icons?

I don’t know which 4 apps your seeing but they are most likely the Samsung Messages ( image , image, image )

Facebook messenger ( image )
Google Messages ( :messages: )
there may be others that look similar like Googles Gmail and Samsung Email

the main messaging/text app that should be used is the
Google Messages as the Samsung one is not supported by Republic and could lead to the MMS issue you stared you are having

you can organize the icons by long pressing and dragging the icons then you can removed them or stack them in a folder

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very helpful thank you, will try your suggestions


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