Samsung J3 no longer available in my area?

I bought a Samsung J3 for my son and it’s had it’s hiccups, but it’s not a bad phone. Our neighborhood can be black hole for dropped calls, so I wasn’t overly considered. I decided to shop for a new phone for my husband and try to pull up the Samsung J3. When I type in our zip code, it says that this phone isn’t optimized for our area and is not available.

Really? So his coverage could really be better? We paid $179 for a phone that isn’t actually supported in our town? Has anyone else experienced this? Seems a little strange no one would say anything. When we first bought the phone, we had support tickets opened to deal with issues, so maybe the problem wasn’t known then, but why not update us?


the site is saying that CDMA partner (Sprint) has better coverage vs the GSM partner (T-Mobile)

the J3 is a GSM only phone (no CDMA cell radio) if you are happy with the coverage with you sons phone you can still order a J3, Republic just wanted you know other phones (CDMA compatible) will have better coverage in your area, Also note all BYOD are set up as GSM at this time also)

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