Samsung J3 sometimes goes straight to voicemail

My husband’s phone is a Samsung J3. It seems that randomly, when someone calls him, his phone doesn’t ring and goes straight to voicemail. He can have the phone right next to him and never know there is a missed call unless he looks. Then it will ring normally later.

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. He is visually impaired, so it is possible that he has done something to a phone setting. I have the same type of phone and do not have this problem.

Please offer ideas of what I can do to fix this for him. It is frustrating as it is his link to friends and family.

We have the 1 GB data plan. We have wi-fi enabled.

Thanks for your ideas.

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Hi @christinem.pocc4j,

As you mention having the same phone and don’t seem to be having the same issue in presumably the same locations, your intuition the solution might lie on your husband’s phone is sound.

My initial thought would be to check his phone to see if he’s blocked any contacts. If he has calls from those contacts would go straight to voicemail.

I checked, and he has no blocked numbers. Not do I as we are seeing how well RW screening of unwanted calls works. It is very random and doesn’t always happen for the same callers. :confused: I’m wondering if it’s something with our WiFi network.

Hi @christinem.pocc4j,

How is the cellular coverage at your home?

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I’m in town and on a hill. It is solid. Perhaps I should turn off WiFi and see if the problem goes away? I like the way you think! Thanks.

That wasn’t quite where I was going with that thought.

If the phone goes into a battery-savings state where it loses the Wi-Fi connection, and your cellular coverage is not good, then calls would go straight to voicemail. But if your cellular coverage is good, this wouldn’t impact you.

You wrote:

What is there when he does notice? Is it only the voicemail notification, or is there also a “missed call” notification?

Hmm. I’m not sure if he shows the missed call notification. When I call him and it happens, I go straight to voicemail without hearing a ring. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I am Bluetooth or not. I will ask him if he sees missed call. Because of his vision, he could easily tap battery saver. Another thing to check.

Amended to add that he can’t remember if he sees a missed call notification. Battery saver is off. Then next time he goes straight to Voicemail, he will hand the phone to me for observations. Thanks for the ideas.

Hi @christinem.pocc4j,

Have you made any progress in figuring out why your husband’s calls go straight to voicemail? Did you ever determine whether there was a missed call notification?

No more have occurred since I last posted. If I had to guess, I would suspect the battery saver going to sleep over WiFi. He will let me look as soon as he detects a problem, again. I will share if I notice anything. Thanks for the follow-up.

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It happened again, yesterday. I called him while he was at home on Wi-Fi and I was on the cell network. His phone did not ring and I went directly to voicemail. However, when I called him today over the cell network, he was not at home on Wi-Fi and the call went through. I will examine his phone again.

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You might try setting up an automation on the phone that keeps the Wi-Fi connection alive even when the phone is trying to disable it to save battery power. This workaround is described here:

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