Samsung J3 stopped making calls outside Wi-Fi

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy J3 phone in January for my wife. It seemed to work okay until just the past week or two. Now she has lost all phone ability outside of Wi-Fi. Going to the RW web site, I now learn that the Samsung J3 does not work in my ZIP code area (Northeast Iowa 50677). I am trying to read through the Community help section and the Knowledge Base but am having trouble navigating around. I also cannot seem to comment when I find a post that has my similar problem. I would like to start a conversation with their tech people, but there is no button at the top like they tell me to click on. What to do now? Do I just take a chance and order another phone like the Moto G which is supposed to be better in my area? I’m about ready to dump this company because I can’t get help.

Hi @paulk.yoafuj,

Please open a support ticket by clicking the “Open a Ticket” button near the bottom of our Help page: Republic Help .

If you’re unable to do so, let me know, and I’ll open the ticket on your behalf.

Dear Southpaw,

I finally figured out how to communicate with you. I find your web site very difficult to navigate, and I have worked with software all my life. I have never dealt with a company that is so hard to talk to. I opened a ticket last week as you suggested, but have not heard back from RW. My wife has no cell phone service outside our home. We are still paying for service. This is unacceptable. My wife homeschooled for 25 years, so we have something in common. You look like a very helpful lady. I just wish I could talk to you. Please respond.

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Hi @paulk.yoafuj ,

I’ve removed your personal content from this thread and I’m going to look for your support ticket now to see why you haven’t seen a response yet. You don’t really want me trying to fix your J3, but I’ll make sure you get the help you need.

Hi @paulk.yoafuj,

I looked for your ticket and could not find it anywhere, so I have created a new ticket on your behalf. One of our technicians has responded on that ticket, as we are eager to get this situation resolved for you.

If you don’t see Larry’s response in your E-mail, please sign in to your Republic Wireless account here to see it:

Republic Help

Please let me know if you have any trouble at all finding that ticket.

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