Samsung J3 vs. Huawei 5W

Good evening all.

I am considering the purchase of the Ascend 5W during the promo period to replace a Sammy J3. With so little information on the 5W, I thought I would ask the community their opinion(s).

The Ascend appears to have the J3 beat in specifications, and although I understand specs do not always tell the whole story… (Exynos 3475 vs. Snapdragon 615, for example) … wondering if this is an upgrade, downgrade, or evengrade…

One of my main points of curiosity is the user interface… Touchwiz vs. EMUI. Since I have no experience with either, I would love some feedback on this subject and/or any other thoughts my esteemed fellow members may interrelate.

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I have a Samsung J3 that I bought largely to gain experience with TouchWiz. I’m not a huge fan of TouchWiz (prefer a more stock Android experience) though there are some nice tweaks. The ability to both selectively and bulk delete items in the Dialer’s call history (including voicemails) for example.

On the hardware side, I find the J3 a solid but pedestrian phone. The camera isn’t particularly good. An AMOLED display on a $180 phone is nice though. I guess a solid display shouldn’t be a surprise considering it’s a Samsung.

Regarding the Ascend 5W, other than the published specs, I no nothing about it (does anyone at this point) nor have I used EMUI. Taking into account the value of the free service, net cost is $9 plus taxes and shipping. Hard to beat that deal, so I’ll be in line with you. Another toy to play with and an opportunity to try EMUI.

Well thank-you for the reply @rolandh

…feeling like I’m on the moon or something…

rolandh wrote:

Another toy to play with and an opportunity to try EMUI.

I am trying to create a reason to justify this purchase, but another toy fairly sums it up…

edit: honestly, throughout the day I read snippets about EMUI, that were less than favorable. However, I also have read the whaa-wee higher-ups have committed to aggressively upgrading the UI.

Decisions, decisions.

If you are looking for some “excuses” to buy this phone, @seanr made some interesting points about this phone

The Huawei has some nice features. It also has fine data management down to the app level. It also has a cool Harassment filter for calls and text. Works on calls to the RW and underlying cellular routing number. It can even whitelist.

in this thread

If I don’t like the Ascend and decide to replace it with a different phone will I forfeit the free 6 months of service?

Be careful of one item though - the Huawei may come with a MicroSD slot capable of only a 32 Gbyte card - Huawei is still making phones with that limitation. When it officially releases tomorrow hopefully RW will specify otherwise there may be some disappointed buyers.

With any luck this comes with EMUI 5.0, which has an option to flip to “Americanized” launch screen looking a little more like generic Android. Then you can pick whichever works best for you. Again, hopefully RW published full specs so everybody can be informed before they buy.

I bought one…

Ascend Alive

The Honor takes 128 GB cards and this phone appears to be pretty much the same thing.

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