Samsung j7 won't let me access voicemail

Samsung J7 phone on republic refund plan. Talk text and data included.
Phone won’t let me access voicemail. I put in my voicemail password and then I am hung up on by the voicemail system. Any suggestions? I need voicemail to work for my business.

Are you sure you have the Samsung J7?
That phone can not be on the Refund plan, the newer phones only work on the My Choice plan.

Here is some info on resetting your VM pin that may help:

You may want to try both methods of accessing voicemail (password required on both).

Hi @elizabethd.em1j87,

Candidly, we’re just going to be guessing without confirming the brand, model and generation of your phone. As @SpeedingCheetah notes, Samsung’s Galaxy J7 and Republic’s refund plans are mutually exclusive.

Would you be kind enough to sign into your Republic account here: Please confirm the model listed underneath the picture of your phone.

Hi @elizabethd.em1j87,

We see what you’re describing sometimes when you’re trying to access voicemail on Wi-Fi. Please try calling into it on cell rather than on Wi-Fi.

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