Samsung Keyboard uses data, is that normal?



Hello Everyone,
My first post here. I just started Republic and have a new phone Samsung J7. I have not used it much at all, but I see that the ‘Samsung Keyboard’ has consumed the most data so far. Is that normal? Can I do anything different?

Thanks in advance.


You can restrict background data on individual apps, just don’t do this to Republic Wireless apps:

It’s possible it was updating. I suggest turning off automatic updates in Google Play Store.

Open Google Play Store
Tap on the 3 bars :menu: in the upper left corner
Tap on Settings :settingsicon:
Tap on App download preference
Choose: Over Wi-Fi only
Then tap on Auto-update apps
Chose either: Over Wi-Fi only OR Don’t auto-update apps.

If you choose Don’t auto-update apps, remember to check Google Play Store at least once a week for updates.

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