Samsung Note 10+ Voicemail Deletion

Voicemail is nearly full. Voicemail was listed by the voice message, one contiguous list of only voicemail messages, on a previous phone (Moto X). It was easy to move down a line of messages deleting quickly.
For managing voicemail Samsung’s dialer is convoluted. It requires scrolling recent calls to find those with a voice message, then pressing that call, again searching the list for a voicemail icon, pressing the small voicemail icon (don’t miss it or it instead opens call history) and pressing the small trashcan icon.
There must be a better way. Can you recommend a system to manage and delete voicemail messages without all the searching and pressing? A system to clear messages quickly, including an option to disable the deletion prompt, must exist. I am technically literate and willing to temporarily switch dialers or etcetera. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Corhsin

I don’t have a Samsung, but I’m hoping this article will help you:

Please let us know if it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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