Samsung Note 20 Initial feedback

I just activated a new phone number in the Note 20 Ultra and had no issues. I am currently on WiFi. I was able to call my other phone (Note 10) from the N20 with no issues. Then I tried calling the Ultra from my regular phone and the call goes through, and I can see it on the screen of the Ultra, but there’s no ringtone. When I check the various volume levels in settings, it’s turned all the way down. I have adjusted it 4 times, trying the call again after each, and the volume goes all the way back down to zero again.

I can ask Samsung tech support about this as it seems like a phone issue, rather than a Republic issue, but I’d love feedback if anyone has any.

I will be heading out in a little while to place cellular calls. I will repeat the above tests, as well as place other outside calls. I will report back in a few hours.

I tested the cellular this afternoon, and WiFi handoff both ways. I initiated a call on WiFi before I left the house and it stayed connected until I drove through a dead spot, but the Note 20 held the phone signal in that area longer than the Note 10 did, which was impressive. I was calling Samsung re: the ringtone volume and was on the hold for about 20 minutes before it dropped. The on-hold call quality wasn’t great, but I think that was their VRS because it wasn’t great on the Note 10 either.

I called each phone with the other and had no issues other than the lack of ringtone volume. When I got back home I made the same call to Samsung before coming into the house and reconnecting to WiFi. My main living area is on the second floor and I almost always drop calls when walking upstairs, which is why I never do it while on a call. Surprisingly, that call did not disconnect!! I stayed on the call for about 10 minutes just to see. I have yet to talk to someone from Samsung about the ringtone issue but I’ll post about it when I do. I might also post on the Android Central forum just to see if anyone else has had this problem.

I forgot to test texting when I was on cellular but I did do it once I was back home. During the RW setup I was notified that RW isn’t compatible with Samsung messages app and to use Google, which I always do anyway. When I texted from the Note 20 to the Note 10 I had forgotten to set Google Messages as the default app but the text went through anyway. I changed the default and sent the text via GM and that went through as well. Text from the N10 to the N20 also came through without issues.

I will test cellular again tomorrow, maybe on a longer drive, going through areas with mixed signal strength.

Please let me know if there is something specific that you’d like me to test and I will do it.

I posted an initial list here:

if you’d like to chime in on any of the questions you haven’t already covered. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve continued to use the phone, both on WiFi and cellular without issues, other than the incoming call volume which spontaneously started working today. I’ve done nothing other than reset the volume, only to see it go back to zero immediately. Today I got a spam call on this number and it rang very loudly. I tested it again by calling this phone from my regular phone and I still had the loud ring.

I’m not sure what’s changed that its working now as I haven’t been able to get through to Samsung yet due to lengthy hold times.

I have tested both calling and texting to and from the Note 20 from the Note 10, and have called and texted–and received calls and texts–from the device without issue, other than what I’ve described above and previously. I will report back if the call volume problem happens again and/or if I get through to Samsung and get an answer from them.

I have no idea what information you’re looking for here, if I’m testing what you want, or if there’s something else you’d like to know because no one is replying to my posts. I could help you better if someone would reply to me.

I’m sorry I wasn’t immediately available, as I’ve had to focus on some other tasks recently.

The feedback you’re providing is great, but please don’t feel compelled to go to great lengths to perform rigorous testing.

I’m glad to see the ringtone volume sorted itself out. @cb1 and @buzz, did you experience anything similar?

No problem,

I’ve done beta testing before, and I have a science background, so I’m just doing the obvious things, else how does RW know how well the phone works on the network?

Do any of the technical people respond to people’s responses? I’d still like to know what, specifically, they need tested.

Can you change the 3 post limitation so that I can continue to lost?

Hi @apples2androids,

We’re also testing it internally. Our early-adopters beta tests aren’t meant to replace our QA team, but to give enthusiastic early adopters a chance to try a device on our network before it is officially supported. It brings some geographic diversity to our testing and gives us a member perspective, which can often highlight features we may not have fully explored in QA.

If you have a technical issue specific to our service that needed attention, yes, they would get involved.

Again, we have QA, we’re testing the things we need tested, internally. Our hope for our early adopters is that they use the phones and provide more subjective feedback, highlight any bugs they might find, and generally help us see whether this phone is a good fit for our members.

I posted an initial list of questions and will follow up with some further questions in a few days.

The limit is system-wide, so a change would impact the entire Community. It’s also only a limit to the number of times you can post in the same topic in a row. Since you and I are now conversing in the topic, you are posting again, even when replying by E-mail. Other ways to avoid being stopped once you’ve posted three posts in a row in the same topic would include creating new topics when you have something different to write about, or editing an earlier post to add new information that may be relevant.

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