Samsung Note 20 / Ultra feedback request

(This topic is publicly visible, but only those participating in our Samsung Note 20 Early Adopter beta can respond.)

Hi @samsung_note_20_beta testers!

As you activate and use your phones, please let us know what you think. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. How did activation go? Any problems?
  2. Are calling and texting working as intended on both WiFi and cell?
  3. How is the phone performing? How does it compare to your previous phone (and what were you using before?)
  4. What do you think of the cameras? (If you have photos you’d be willing to share, let me know and I’ll create a topic for you in our #reviews:photos category.
  5. Have you tried any Bluetooth connectivity? Calls over Bluetooth in the car? How does everything sound?
  6. Have you any biometrics security feature? Is it consistent?
  7. Any other thoughts you might want to share?
  8. Having tried it, would you want to keep using this phone on Republic’s service?
  1. Smoothly, no issues.
  2. Yes, no issues with calls or texts on wifi or cell
  3. As expected, no issues. Moto x4
  4. Great cameras
  5. Yes, buds live work great, bluetooth speaker works great, bluetooth connection in car works great. Sound quality seems great.
  6. No issues with biometrics (only been using fingerprint, no face recognition).
  7. Yes, when resyncing the messages from the server to the Anywhere app on the phone, many of the messages (especially photos) do not come in the correct order.
  8. Yes.

Thanks so much for asking!

  1. Activation was seamless almost no input needed
  2. Calling and texting have both been great, no issues, clear calls
    3.I was on the Oneplus 6t. I loved the Oneplus and this ohine has been as good if not better. Once I get through the learning curve I think the 6t will seem quaint. Performance overall has been good. I did have an issue with the phone heating up after using the camera. It has not repeated. Also when set to 5G it would show 5G but had moments when the connection would freeze up and not respond. I think that may be an issue with my local but one of the events happened in the biggest city here but that may not be fully checked out until I get to a real urban area… Since setting to LTE it has been perfect and fast. I also had an issue (for me) of the battery chewing through capacity the first couple of days. After changing some settings(5G/Optimization/screen smoothing) it seems much better. I was using 10% doing nothing.In addition I have seen no benefit to the 120 mhz. But I am loving the increased sharpness in WQHD.
  3. So far I have not had an opportunity to take more than a few images but I have noticed that trying to use extreme zoom in dim conditions and the night mode has looked extremely noisy on the screen.
  4. So far only Bluetooth with the galaxy active 2 watch and that has worked fine.
  5. The fingerprint scanner has had no issues.
  6. not yet
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