Samsung Note 9 Republic Wireless compatibility leadtime

Just wondering if Republic Wireless can give us a time frame or estimate as to when the Note 9 will be a supported phone.

Thank you best cell phone service provider,

Sean S. In CT.

Hi @seans.rfodtw,

I’m not a Republic employee (most of us here are not), however, I’ve been around long enough to know that generally Republic doesn’t provide the type of estimate you would like them too. The best way to keep up with future announcements is to sign up for Republic’s marketing emails. You may do so here: Enter your email address under “These decisions can take time.”

Otherwise, I suggest keeping an eye Republic’s Community forums: Announcements & News - Member Community. And, on Republic’s official blog:

Additionally, you might find information on Republic’s social media pages. Links to those follow.


Thank you Rolandh.

Ok, how about this: How long did it take for the Note 8 and S9 to be compatible after they were released?
Thanks, Sean

The big piece of this is on when Samsung releases a factory unlocked version. If released the same day as the carrier versions then I believe we’ll see compatibility with Republic quickly.

The S9 was made available to use with Republic on 3/16/18 (the same date it became available for purchase anywhere) and the Note 8 on 1/25/18 (it became available for sale 9/15/17).

Thank you Louisdi!
BestBuy is saying the unlocked version will also be available on the release date of 8/24/18.

I have a note 9. The RW app says it’s compatible.

OOH! Could you post a picture of it running the republic app? :slight_smile:

I don’t have a SIM in there yet but there’s the app.


Are you sure thats a Note 9? The resolution is not correct. Those dimensions are for the galaxy s9.

I’m quite sure the phone I’m holding is a $1,000 Note 9.

Hi @ericr.ahrj41,

History suggests Republic will eventually support Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. That said, and as I suspect you know, Republic hat not yet officially announced such support (the Republic apps’s opinion notwithstanding). Please know, pending that potential future official announcement, the app may change its opinion at any time (and possibly without notice). I’m not saying I want that to happen but as has been said caveat emptor.

How long have you been on RW, and what has been your experience in terms of coverage/data performance? I’m on a TMO MVNO now and haven’t yet tried RW.

BYOD SIM is on the GSM partner [T-Mobile] so it will have the same data and voice coverage as your T-Mobile MVNO as that is what Republic will be, Republic also includes voice roaming which all T-Mobile MVNO’s do not.

You have a capable answer from @drm186. I’ll just add my personal experience with Republic as a customer since late 2014 in terms of coverage has been good to excellent. Good while on Sprint, excellent now that I’m on GSM. As all bring your own phones activate on GSM, you should expect the same coverage experience as you now enjoy.

Here’s hoping official Note 9 support is forthcoming soon and we have the opportunity of welcoming you as a fellow member. Republic likes to call customers members.

Ah no sprint towers anymore?

Republic still works with Sprint but not all phones can be configured with Sprint and all BYOP SIMs are with the GSM partner (though phone can be moved by support after activation, if supported).

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Unlocked Note 9 from Samsung should be able to ping every tower in the US.

Given Republic has yet to announce Note 9 support at all, it is premature to determine which of its cellular network partners will be supported for provisioned coverage. There are currently a number of CDMA hardware capable phones Republic supports only on GSM pending release of a compatible SIM. For more on that, please see here: Detailed Supported Phone Features. Specifically, please note Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ while hardware compatible with CDMA networks are not yet supported for CDMA by Republic.


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