Samsung pay issues

**What phone do you have?**Samsung S9

What plan are you on? Talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no data

Issue Description

I have a Samsung S9 with a talk and text no data plan. I can use google pay with no issues but have been unsuccessful with Samsung pay. The Samsung pay does not like this and continuously tries to get me to switch back to Samsung pay. I have had to resort to “force stop” Samsung pay and Samsung pay framework apps as the phone will randomly chirp from 2-5 minutes intervals only in the middle of the night. Typically if I use force stop these apps, the phone will not chirp that night but if I forget to check that and force stop every night, the Samsung pay is somehow enabled again and the phone wakes me up. It is quite bothersome. I would be happy to just use the Samsung pay to avoid this issue but it is not working for me. Please help!

This will likely be something that you’ll have to work with Samsung to fix, but let’s see what we can do. You say you can’t use Samsung Pay, what exactly is happening with the app? Are you getting some sort of error message? Something else?

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It simply does not connect to make the payment. I have no issues with Google pay. I read somewhere that I may need a data plan to use Samsung pay. Is that the case?

Generally Samsung Pay, like Google Pay, will require an internet connection when setting up, adding cards, etc. During this process it will generate a number of virtual card tokens for use even when away from a data connection. The next time the phone is connected to data (via wifi or cellular) the app then replaces the used tokens. I’m not clear how many transactions you can make now, but last I heard it was no mode than 5 per card before needed to have a data connection. If you’ve set-up the app, added your cards, etc all while on wifi, and then it still isn’t working when you don’t have a data connection, there’s something wrong with the App that only the Samsung Pay team is going to be able to help with.

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