Samsung Phone Compatibility

Would this phone be capable with republic.

Hi @tom4342 and welcome to the Member Community. That model number is listed as compatible with RW in this Tips & Tricks article –

Recommend you review the Samsung Galaxy section. Other members might give you some additional things to look for. Hope this helps!

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I knew the model number matched was concerned about it once being a mint mobile phone.

@tom4342 – I’m not real familiar with the Samung line since we run Moto’s in our household :grin:

You have a valid concern that hopefully one of the other Members can answer. Normally any “branded” phones are not compatible. Hang on and let some other members get a chance to look at this thread.

I thought as much swappa was recommended here as a good source for used phone’s however almost all there phone’s are branded. I’ve tried Amazon refurbished program as well and most of those are branded.

I just want to point out that the seller has No stars (ratings).
So you know… be careful :wink:

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There are no Mint Branded phones as far as I know. That’s just a “Mint Compatible” marking that appears because Mint has paid Swappa for the marketing.

Also on this seller, they have 0 stars across 0 ratings. It just means that this is likely the first thing they’ve sold on Swappa.


Thanks @louisdi for clarifying this…learn something new everyday :grinning:

Must admit I don’t know the various branded phones as well as you and I have never bought anything on Swappa.

Thank for the info :slight_smile:
I’m overly cautious, I blame Amazon :smile_cat:

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